Staff Meeting - 2009-06-12

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Date: June 12 , 2009


Stephen, Mike, Patrick, Esam, Jane, Ifny, and Tyler


Topic from last week:

  • Redirection from Megan Email to Tyler.
  • Hardware Grants
  • Staff Review
  • Education Co-ordinator Rule
  • Define time to agree for staff meeting each friday
  • Swap meet on June 13

New items

  • Pricing for pickup
  • Windowless Wednesday
  • Adoptation Class and machine
  • Car-free day
  • Open and Closing, Staying late issue.
  • Direction orientation
  • Glove and laundry
  • Warehouse Coordinator
  • Staff/ HR argeement.
  • Fishing liscence
  • Mac Area
  • Fuel expense
  • new warehouse location
  • MILK(from Esam)
  • HR community
  • Soildcity of staff

Adoptation Class

  • Every Wednesday, from 11:30AM to 1:00PM, Approximate 1 to 1 and ½ hours.
  • Sumi and Jane will do the adoptation class, while Esam is training
  • only 2 ~3 volunteer allow to pick up the adoptation each week, additional have to wait till next avaiable time.


  • Call Skid people to pick up, even we need to pay. Otherwise people will start leaving their garbage at our drive way.
  • Mike will post the craiglist for people to pick up for free

Mike Parking Location

  • Mike suggest to use one parking space for bike parking.

Redirection Email:

  • Megan emails had redirect to Tyler Email. Mission accomplish.

Hareware Grant:

  • Jane and Stephen will follow up for the Hardware Grants

Infrustructure Grant:

  • Post the reason at Staff list for the needed equpiment, and reason for it.
  • Get consenus for all staff before pick up the equipment
  • Notify the store coordinator for needed equipment
  • If need another request, please return the old equpiment first.

Commnity for staying late:

  • a communication for absent is needed
  • 3 days advace is needed by email
  • 2 days by person

Car- free day:

  • No car from Venable to Commerical Drivve.
  • Ifny will be there on Sunday. Extra day off will be taken on sometime next week, possibly on Thursday.

Glove and Laundry:

  • Pick up some for $2 dollars each instead of $7 dollars
  • Different size is available: S, M, L, XL
  • Volunteer has to put back in the right place
  • Laundry need to be once a week, after used for 1 time, put it in a lanudry bag
  • Warehouse needed for leather glove
  • If specific glove is needed, user can buy thier own glove and present the recipt for free geek to get the money back
  • Jane will be doing the glove laundry.

Warehouse Coordinator:

  • Jamie is rehire for this position for free geek.

  • Try to ask Jamie to meet on Saturday @ 10AM in JJ Bean for coffee and questioning.

Pickup Fee.

  • Minimum $20 dollars will be charge per visit. If customer want to donate, which is Ok too.
  • Non-profitcompany will be charger for ½ price.

Staff review:

  • Agreement is needed.
  • Confidential Issue, Ifny will ask lawyer.
  • Mike's review will be first friday of July. July 3rd @ 11:30AM
  • Questions will be issue before review
  • 3 persons is in the review group
  • Feed back due by June 23

Director Orientation:

  • Meeting on Sunday night June 14, 2009 @ 7PM
  • Staff are welcome to join
  • Old and new board director is there for this meeting
  • Jane, Patrick, and Ifny will be in HR commity.
  • 2 director will be contact and work with us.
  • Tyler, Mike, Ifny will be in this meeting.
  • Jane and Esam is unsure.
  • Ifny will do the agenda for this meeting.

Adoption machine

  • 75% fail rate, QC problem?
  • Stephen will found out the problem and provide the solution.

Fishing license(Update from Mike's minutes)

  • What is a Fishing License?
  • It is the Process for Staff and Volunteers to buy Equipment from store.
  • Staff or Volunteers must go to a Staff member to get a license
  • Concerns of Customers roaming the warehouse
  • A visitor pass from the store
  • The quantity of items that can be bought in one day with fishing license.
  • One "hot" item or more if for less wanted items. It will be at the discrection of the store.
  • Items that are not ready to sell or Museum items are not for sale.

Mac Prices(Update from Mike's minutes)

  • Mike will commit to clean up Mac Area by Sat.
  • Mike and Jax will submit a Schedule
  • Mike, Jax, and Patrickwill set Mac Prices

  • Topics didn't cover today will be bump to next staff meeting:

  • Fuel expense
  • new warehouse location
  • MILK(from Esam)
  • HR community
  • Soilcity of staff