Staff Meeting - 2009-04-17

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Friday April 17 Staff Meeting


Stephen Ifny Mike Tyler Megan


  • Stephen meeting request
  • safe
  • Thief
  • application for credit card (corp acct)
  • passwd to birch
  • Call display

Commit Stephen today

  • Tyler : Next Sat. is last day.

Open to extensions

  • Volunteers
  • Adoption Classes
  • Internal day off (internal)
  • Staff discipline policy.


  • Mike

Pickups slowing so only one next week.

  • Tyler

Store is busier Had machines hard drives and ram short on motherboards. Holding till next week. Hope for time to reorg. when new staff comes online.

  • Ifny

Putting lots of time into HR for hiring Went through 230 resumes shortlist of 6 for warehouse more for store – need to whittle it down

Putting stories on the website , and sending out press releses in preparation for earthday

debating being at Jerico beach on Sat. (earth day).

In Georgia Strait this week, again

Mike and Ifny are working on safety. working on changes. Got safety consultant in to do a review. (( we did better than expected..., but there's alot to change )) Physical space is mostly fine, but compliance issues are missing. Better than it would have been 1 month ago.

Stephen meeting

req to make space available on Thursday eve for intro. No consensus on that. Request to give people time to research on it. How this organisation is relevant to our mission statement? It is a for-profit, non-transparent, hierarchical organisation that has a controversial reputation. Can be discussed on staff list/with staff in the meantime, but not volunteers.


Looking for another safe, (tiny -- envelope sized) haven't had time to get a locksmith in to redo the safe.

Mike will talk to the safe company.


Had thief in yesterday .. someone with plastic bag... Stranger came in. went to the store, wandered through warehouse. Ballcap grey cap. will look for picture on camera Perhaps we should have nametags. Talked about other people known to take stuff without permission.

Need policy for when we catch people shoplifting. Suggestions: Don't physically interfere with people.

We may need to talk about cameras.

application for credit card

(corp acct) tabled

passwd to birch/ Call display

Commit Stephen today


Next Sat. is last day (by original agreement). Open to extensions


Will try to cap on 20 volunteers. (( less if Megan is away )) Early arrivals should be held in holding.

Adoption Classes

not discussed

Staff discipline policy

Is now in effect (passed by membership, pending lawyer review) will be a living document

interim day off (internal)