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The Basics

There are two things you need to make a screencast:

  • A microphone and headphones
  • Software to capture the screencast

A basic microphone and headphone combination has worked well for me. The built-in microphone of a laptop or netbook isn't ideal, since it picks up fan noise and other background noises.

gtk-recordMyDesktop works well for capturing screencasts. You can find it in the Ubuntu Software Centre by searching for "gtk-recordMyDesktop", or install from the Terminal by typing:

sudo apt-get install gtk-recordMyDesktop


Sound and recording can be an adventure on Ubuntu. I've installed the following software to help me resolve problems I've run into:

  • Gnome ALSA Mixer -- lets you turn the various audio devices on your computer on and off, and set the volume or recording level
  • Pulse Audio Device Chooser -- installs a number of tools to monitor and control the audio devices. Most useful is the "Volume Meter (Recording)" tool, which lets you see if your microphone is working.

You can install both from Ubuntu Software Centre, or in the Terminal by typing:

sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer padevchooser