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Power tool use

No power tools shall be used in the loading bay area. Unless it is outside of Free Geek public operating hours.

Definitions -

Loading bay, the area by the shipping door with the length extending to the alley and width of that area.

Amendment to truck back up procedure

Perhaps this should apply to the FG rental van when it is pulling in, and reversing from a pulled in position.

Warehouse policies in development (associated with transition)


Please note that the main aisle through the warehouse is now on the *east* side (former PEDAL side). The west side of the warehouse is essentially for building/storing skids, all the way from the loading bay doors to dismantling.

The east side aisle needs to be kept clear all the way from the loading bay stairs to the mezzanine stairs. Its main run is currently 4' wide.

The paths to the kitchen and warehouse bathroom are important too; keep them clear.

To help with the transition, volunteers must be informed of the traffic change when they start their shifts, and instructed to use the east side. They should not be using the west side without explicit staff instruction (e.g. staff asked them to report to the warehouse coordinator).

The warehouse changeover is not complete. Signage and flow-shaping obstacles are still being developed, and people are still encountering the change for the first time, so there are strays, but we should all get into the habit of operating this way in anticipation.


  • Individual drop-offs are no longer done at the loading bay door. This door is only for skids going in or out.
  • When the heater is on, the loading bay door is to remain closed unless the loading bay is in use.
  • If the loading bay door is left open, sans truck, the white 'baby gate' must be put in place.


  • Individual drop-offs will be at the Receiving table at the top of the stairs.
  • Please note that we now have 2 volunteer slots in receiving per day. Those spots are extremely important, as the receiving table is not designed to accommodate the accumulation of stuff.
  • As discussed at the last general meeting, receiving volunteers need to be scheduled to start at 11am, instead of noon. At least one volunteer must be in receiving at all times to take care of the table; if necessary they can be transferred from another station. There is also a spot for a Support Volunteer in Receiving, and that position always needs to be filled as well.


There might be more than are listed.


  • Welcome and thank the public as they drop off equipment
  • Give out business cards to people dropping off
  • Answer questions about FG, or pass questions over to staff
  • Give directions to the thrift store, mention orientation times (Wed or Sat at 4pm), encourage potential volunteers


  • Take in hardware; make sure not to take non-computer related items or styrofoam
  • Assist folks dropping off
  • Mark off incoming gizmos on the whiteboard
  • Sort incoming gizmos; keep the receiving table clear and managed
  • Ensure that the landing and floor in front of the receiving table are kept clear at all times
  • Sort components and peripherals into bins, snip cables from failed peripherals, triage keyboards etc.
  • Put systems on the Eval skid; keep it neat and safely stacked
  • Watch the stairs when instructed to by staff (when trucks are backing in)
  • Assist the warehouse/recycling coordinator when asked
  • Run monitors to monitor testing

When it's slow...

  • Flatten cardboard, take out garbage, sweep for screws
  • Monitor testing
  • Read about Free Geek, so that they are better equipped to answer the public's questions (especially once we get a computer devoted to receiving)
  • Printer testing (once it is moved to the receiving area)