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These are the questions the Peer Review Panel should ask the worker being reviewed during a staff review. The panel will use these questions to generate a report. The report should be delivered at the next staff meeting, and copies should be emailed to the current directors (but not on a mailing list! They should be sent to directors offlist).

This form can be used to take notes. Of course, use more paper if you need to.

Date review was delivered:

Name of worker being reviewed:

Names of those on review panel:

Names of workers who submitted feedback:

I. Review panel members' summary of feedback from other workers:

II.Review panel members' summary of worker's own review of his/her self:

III. Summarize worker's response to others' feedback:

IV. Does worker have any upcoming plans that would affect her/his commitment to Free Geek?

V. Would the worker like any more training? In what area?

VI. How is the worker's involvement in committees going?

VII. How is the worker's communications with others going?

VIII. Is their schedule okay?

IX. Other questions the review panel may have:

X. How can Free Geek better support this worker?

XI. Goals for the next year:

XII. How can Free Geek help this worker achieve these goals?

XII. How does the worker like the review style?

XIII. Review panel members' summary of review (to be done after review):

XIV. Issues review panel feels should be followed-up on and when: