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  • graphviz extension

<graphviz> digraph test123 {

              a -> b -> c;
              a -> {x y};
              b [shape=box];
              c [label="hello\nworld",color=blue,fontsize=24,
              a -> z [label="hi", weight=100];
              x -> z [label="multi-line\nlabel"];
              edge [style=dashed,color=red];
              b -> x;
              {rank=same; b x}


  • be able to upload files (let's specify format too) Ifny 08:46, 10 April 2008 (UTC)
  • favicon needs to be changed to ours (the one in use is portland's, & looks crummy). i can email it to whomever. Ifny
  • change timezone to PST.