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This page is an example Proposal. Copy and paste this page (click 'edit' to see the source) into a new page, edit to your liking, then add it to Proposals.

Proposal Summary

Going forward, all FreeGeek volunteers must be left handed.

Proposal Details

In the past, FreeGeek has always had trouble with right handed volunteers. The have been unreliable and noisy in the shop.

This proposal suggests that to reduce the frustrations of existing volunteers, we only allow left handed volunteers join. This proposal hopes that doing so will make FreeGeek a better place to accomplish our mission.

To implement this proposal

  • The hiring and volunteer pages should be updated to ban righties.
  • A picture of a right hand with a X sign through it should be posted in the shop.

Questions and Discussion for the Group

  • Is this a good idea?
  • Is this legal?