Operations Meeting - 2009-05-15

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Production (Operations) Meeting Minutes – 2009-05-15

  • Next Meeting: *???*
  • Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St. (back door)


  • (Not captured. Request for Ifny's assistance to fill in.)*


Ifny, Jamie, Rudy, Megan, Mike, Patrick, Chris, Stephen


Pick-ups and Deliveries

  • Some pickups are wasting fuel. Van sometimes spends time idling, and increased weight in van while traveling.
  • Suggestion for more rental space, such as sea container. Concerns about easy of access.
  • Suggested improvements: hotline, e-mail form, streamline channel, efficiency, centralize, meeting/communication, re-educate customer (to current requirements?), scheduling
  • Suggested making new collection form. Requires compliance, especially from large clients.

Warehouse Space

  • Scheduling of expected deliveries.
  • Safety – limited access areas.
  • More space or more efficient use of current space. Later preferred.

Warehouse tracking.

  • Time of motion – track items through warehouse, form incoming to outgoing.
  • Analyzing worth of labour time spent processing incoming materials.
  • Assisting Warehouse Coordinator: propose, move a table, daily distractions (decrease?), volunteer resource distribution, outstanding needs (to be addressed?),

increase flexibility


  • Production Coordination.
  • Volunteer training.
  • Implementing support volunteer program.
  • Incoming intern assignments.
  • Wandering volunteers in warehouse area (safety).
  • Idle volunteers.

OHS Meeting

  • Proposed later time, 2-3:30pm, same day (Tuesday?).

Monitor Drop-offs

  • Hindrances at depot being experienced at depot. Mike and Jamie to discuss off line suitable alternate locations.


  • Human resources
  • Training: support volunteers, knowledge base
  • Incoming interns. Will be trained, documenting, training other volunteers. One in receiving and one in the store. Will be from collage or university.
  • A need cited for sufficiently staff scheduling in receiving.
  • Prioritize.