Power Supply Unit Testing

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Power Supply Testing

We need to make sure the P(ower) S(upply) U(nit) actually works, so we need to plug it in. The minimum is 350W, anything below that wattage is scrap


  1. Grab bin of PSUs and two empty bins.
  2. Plug one end of the PSU into the power bar.
  3. Plug the largest plug (20/24 pin) into the PSU tester. It should go in smoothly with little resistance.
  4. If the row of lights goes on, it works. If the "-5 v" light is off, that's fine.
    1. If the lights go on, but it smells like it's burning, it's going to blow soon ==> scrap.
    2. If it continuously beeps, will die ==> scrap.

All connectors need to be tested (hard drive connector, floppy connector, 4 pin/mobo connector, SATA connector, 6pin PCI-E connector) One by one, plug each connector into the other side of the PSU tester (with larger plug still connected). Certain connectors only need certain lights to show. The order to be conduct and light require to show are as follows:

    • HD connector:
    • Floppy: +12 +5
    • pin: +12 only
      • Match up 4-pin connector to proper slot (shown on underside of PSU tester as 4P).
    • Sata: all, +12 +5 +3
    • 6-pin/8-pin: +12 only
  • Place working PSUs into working bin, failed PSUs into fail bin.