Policy Consolidation Project

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This project is meant to help extract and properly reference policy and possibly other long-term decisions made at Free Geek during meetings.

The initial goal is to have all past minutes checked at least three times by different people.


  1. Choose a set of minutes, below, that has less than 3 names under "checked by"
  2. Carefully read over the chosen set of minutes, noting any decisions on matters that continue to directly affect us today
  3. Only after you have finished with a set of minutes, post your notes- and mark your name under "cheked by" under the corresponding section on this page
    Please place your report between <pre> and </pre> tags to keep the reports visually separated

Referenced Minutes


March 07

April 07

May 07

  • Checked by

June 07

  • Checked by

July 07

  • Checked by

August 07

  • Checked by

September 07

  • Checked by

October 07

  • Checked by

November 07

December 07


January 08

February 08

March 08

April 08

May 08

June 08

July 08

August 08

September 08

October 08

November 08

December 08


January 08

February 08

March 09

April 09

  • Checked by

May 09