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  • Deserts
    • 2 blocks south on Commercial drive, a bit of a walk but well worth it
    • $6.50 for lunch you get a huge plate of curry (two types) and rice with other unknowns
    • The pakoras are fantastic
    • It's vegetarian too!

  • Pizza Garden (Commercial Drive)

1042 Commercial Dr, Vancouver Tel: (604) 255-1744 takeout or pickup

  • On Lok
    • SE corner of hastings & victoria Map
    • great chinese food, not too expensive. Dinner specials (on the board by the door) are pretty cheap

takeout can be slooow, better to order for pickup deep fried tofu is awesome, also spinach with garlic super cheap late night menu after 9 or 9:30pm open really late

  • husky gas station on hastings east of victoria

  • JJ Bean Coffee

SE corner of victoria & powell 1904 Powell St. 604-254-0169 Mon - Fri 6am-6pm Saturday & Sunday 7am-5pm - great coffee, ginger cookies are good & muffins are baked onsite. - grilled sandwiches are good but expensive. if you eat in you get a salad with it. website

  • Dockers

on powell just west of victoria diner breakfasts, pretty cheap, $3.50-4.50 for all day bfast. closes early (3pm or something). whatever you do, don't eat the grilled cheese sandwich (tastes like cheez whiz). this place can be noisy, lots of yelling waitresses. not so good for hangovers. Dockers entry in DineHere

  • A&W on Hastings and Semlin Drive. 2033 Hastings Street East

- great if you keep their coupons they distribute every month or so.