Operations Meeting - 2009-07-28

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Next meeting Aug. 25th


  • Mike MM.
  • Jessica MP.
  • Tom H.
  • Ifny L.
  • Stephen S.

Old Business

  1. Risk assessment forms need to go on wiki.


  1. Gloves
  • Mike observed two volunteers not using gloves. Told them to, they did, then took off.
    • What is procedure if they don't?
      • If they do not want to abide by policy that is serious. If glasses giving them headache, then get them to do other station. Explain rational, request they do, remind them mandatory. Remind again, if they don't comply let them know they cant do that task.
  • Someone had hands in white bags and had no gloves, ex-volunteer friend of another. He walks a ft, then puts them on. He was a customer.
    • Show vols how to use screwdrivers, pop out motherboard batteries, sometimes when taking off case we need to take off gloves- that's fine but put on after. Ram station only needs nitro gloves. How are gloves working?
  • Had people say no $, pay what you can. people can bring own gloves, but need to heavy duty.
  1. OHS
  • Looking better down there, not as dangerous.
  • Shelf clipped Tyler, what do we do? Clip?
    • Putting cone on it helps. Tripping concern. Two pallets near eval incoming skids.
      • People trip when no computers on it, obvious when there are.
        • We can get flag like used car lots use. Bright and obvious. When we get computers, put them on that corner. The tall traffic cone, put it on corner.
  • Green tape could use doubling. Keep an eye on it. See how line works for now.
  • Might be good to have landing painted.
    • Need 3ft landing on front near loading zone. No Parking signs working okay, but turning into bike parking. Need one more.
  • People who come for tour die in kitchen (heat).
    • Staff can put chairs in parking lot, that way they can sit out there.
      • Can use gazebo, but leg too skinny, and other problems. Possibly put out front.
        • Can staff help setting it up half past. Set up traffic safety cones.
  1. Power
  • We have some bx for the last two runs. We have two runs to prep for electrician.
  1. Network TS
  • big problems on weekend. Website and wiki were down.
    • Parts were bought, went into Sim's house and replaced fried parts. Sim back on Thursday and not gonna be able to do anything till then.
      • Will see about what can be on-site and off-site.
  • Review weather we want to use roundup. We need to ask software list why we used roundup.
    • Emailing on roundup is manual, we need a cgi-hacker who can do this.
      • Jordon and Ali trying to find alternative top roundup.
  • Don't know how to get big equipment in.
  • Going to be sending network sort to Ali to wikify.
    • Hopefully not end u p with big backlog.
      • Jordon not impressed with how things are going out of store. Labeling is a pain.


  1. Ali will wikify risk assessment forms and time and motion as well as network sort.
  2. Jessica will take traffic cone and place on eval skids danger area.
  3. Jamie will drop paint lines in parking lot and loading bay stripes
  4. Whoever does bank deposit will buy parking sign and Jamie will hang it up
  5. Jessica will make no dumping sign and hang.