Operations Meeting - 2009-06-23

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First Aid Station restocking

  • Patrick will be official stocker

Pallet jack safety

  • can be dangerous, getting clipped
  • no riding on pallet jack
  • when dropping with a skid, call it out, make sure people are clear - 'watch your feet' or 'feet clear'
  • be aware of surroundings
  • no volunteers operate pallet jack

Risk Assessment forms

  • Prepared for each station or activity
  • 5 is fatal, 1 is low
  • risk assessment is useful in case WorkSafe BC wants to see it (after an accident)
  • good for training new staff and volunteers so we're more aware of risks


  • gloves should be mandatory in the warehouse
  • going in the whitebags
  • lifting computers


  • boxes aren't being used anymore with flaps sticking out -thanks!


  • no-shows create a problem
  • experienced vols are needed
  • new vols need to work in tandem, some vols are hesitant to approach warehouse staff
  • staff check in with more often
  • some people still walk through the wrong side, no entry sign needs to be better
  • receiving can be intimidating
  • lots of stuff not documented, they need a computer to use for working on
  • green tape line could be redone
  • network devices - what are they eg pictures
  • need danger stripe inside the loading bay, top of stairs
  • pathway has to be wide enough for a stretcher, pathway is not wide enough
  • painting pathway
  • laptop bags go back up above warehouse washroom
  • pathway to back
  • neon tape?


  • filling 2 full gaylords every 2 weeks

CRT stock

  • got lots

More housekeeping

  • no pop bottles in whitebags, in computers etc. only compy related stuff in whitebags
  • sweepup should go in the whitebags
  • people leaving drinks around - cleaning up workstations

Time and motion

  • best utilization of working hours for the job
  • e.g. we need to produce 200 computers, how long does it take.
  • tag an item, over mutliples, get an average, follow it
  • not working blind