Operations Meeting - 2009-04-28

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Operations Meeting - 2009-04-28


  • Introduction of Warehouse Recycling Coordinator
  • Safety Report
  • Warehouse changes
  • Receiving
  • Mezzanine Floor Plan
  • Electrical
  • Network
  • Production


  • Jamie
  • Mike M
  • Ifny
  • Gregor
  • Jordan
  • Stephen (late)

New Business

Introduction of Warehouse Recycling Coordinator

Jamie says Hi

Safety Report

  • Jamie raises a suggestion before we begin that no volunteers should be allowed to retrieve cardboard from the outdoor recycling bin as it may have needles in it. This is to be added to policy. Also perhaps add a sign stating such.
  • Ifny gave a report on our recent safety consultation.

Her report covered suggestions by the consultant to make the work environment safer, and guidelines to develop the Safety Manual. There were also suggestions for communicating safety policies.

Stephen suggested that Support Volunteers be given extra safety training so that could be an advocate for safety in their respective areas.

Jordan is going to look into a colleague who could perhaps provide Level 1 first aid training.

Ifny encouraged people who want to help to join the OHS workgroup mailing list: http://lists.freegeekvancouver.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fg-ohs

CONSENSUS: Accept all recommendations of the report.

Warehouse Changes

  • There was talk about expanding the Mac Station, and shifting pallet racking under mezz windows one foot to the right, but until the systematic flow of the warehouse has been nailed down this will have to wait.
  • Meanwhile Mike says he can continue to work on Macs at the current station.
  • A suggestion was made for categorization of certain computer parts ie: A-2 = Computer Cables.
  • Also there was brief talk about what to do with the vintage stuff, this topic is tabled for now and to be readdressed at a later date.


  • We need to re-prioritize this station. It's hard for volunteers to learn or cover. Signage and triage is not sufficient.
  • We need rough triage signs/procedure, flow charts, documentation on the wiki and signage.
  • This station needs a lot of attention.
  • It would be good to have permanent places for everything. E.g. the bin for the 'store box' is labelled, but if the bin goes down to the store, someone starts a new bin somewhere else. Suggestion to label the spots on shelves instead of bins themselves. Saves teaching time.
  • "A place for everything and everything in its place."
  • Things are somewhat predictable (we know what kinds of things we get) but we can't always predict quantity of any given item. Sometimes a bunch of skids come in and we have to deal with them.
  • Need a 'flexible' area in receiving that allow for overflow.
  • Work flow and standard operating procedure in general needs work.
  • Need to give warehouse coordinator more support in receiving.
  • Either staff or a support volunteer will work in receiving all the time. Can have a volunteer helper or two.
  • Schedule a part-time staff person for Saturdays in receiving since it's so busy.
  • Mike will be one of the part timers in receiving. It's too bad the Mac station is so far from receiving; it will be hard to do both. If he uses a cart to get stuff back and forth he can bring something to receiving to work on it, allowing him to coordinate at the same time.

Note: Joseph says 3rd year is always the hardest for any company.


  • Serious QA issues: We had recent build fodder boxes that had hard drives left in them, and also had a pile of CPU's in the scrap bin.
  • Serious communication issues: E.g. Eval process is changed without communication; we have cards being bubble wrapped at the end of pre-dismantle but this decision wasn't communicated, nor was it made with staff participation; Build made a decision to use Cisco gear in-house without consulting others, despite the fact that Cisco gear can bring good revenue to FG, plus Cisco is emphatically not free and open source.
  • Decisions about what to use for infrastructure and what to stockpile or not sell (e.g. hard drives) are being made without overall production coordination.
  • Changes to the production line should not be made by individuals who are not communicating these changes.
  • We cannot afford to hire a production coordinator at this time.

CONSENSUS: We will start a Production workgroup. It can keep up with the demands from various departments, maintain knowledge about inventory, make production decisions. This workgroup will meet every couple of weeks or twice a month. Store and Warehouse coordinators MUST be part of this workgroup. Others are encouraged to attend as well. These meetings will be on Fridays. All agreed (with enthusiasm!)

  • We can use the Operations mailing list for Production communication.
  • First Production Meeting: Friday May 8, 2009 4:30pm


Jordan introduces himself. He is a sysadmin by trade who wants to help! Points out that the network could use some work. Documentation is underwhelming. His first priority is documentation of the network and the systems/services contained within. Then suggestions can be made moving forward on how to create a more stable robust network.

Discussion about the network will be conducted on the Operations mailing list, unless it is a question of software development or choice. People should email Operations if things are broken; this way Jordan will see it and everyone will be kept in the loop. Current operational network threads on the Software mailing list should be redirected to the Operations mailing list.


We're going to hire an electrician to hook new infrastructure in place. We have experience volunteers who will do the parts that don't require a permit (e.g. run cable). One 20A circuit requested for the server room. Need more circuits in build room. Need everything documented on the wiki.

  • Electrical IRC meeting, Tuesday May 5, 4:30pm

Mezzanine Floor Plan

  • As decided previously, HD storing and erasing, laptop dismantling and build, build benches, computer lab at the top of the stairs staying in the mezz. Everything else goes.
  • Safety shelf needs to go somewhere and we need designate a location for the sign-in sheet.
  • Clear shelf can then go in middle; back can be removed so its accessible from both sides. it will be used for builder stock (dvd drives, rails etc)
  • Tables from dismantle will come up and be traded for build benches that face window. They are exactly the same length.
  • A final resolution was not met, this will have to be addressed at the next meeting.
  • Meeting to finalize Mezzanine floorplan will be Tues. May 2 from 6:15-7:15 pm.