Operations Meeting - 2009-01-27

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Operations meeting Jan 27 2009

ATTENDANCE Tyler, Mike M., Dave R., Sean H., Ifny, Stephen, Adam, Len

Scribe: Ifny

Network admin/syadmin short term

FG network having lots of problems, weird storms, wireless issues, system going down, Asteriks goes down sometimes, port 22 shuts down for a few hours everyday. Also there is regular maintenance (making changes, additions). These disruptions hurt all staff members' ability to do their jobs. We currently have no one to take care of these issues, so Stephen is the one who has to step in all the time. This sucks, since he was hired to do Build Coordination. This hurts the Build Program.

  • The network was built a piece at a time, and is a mess. The whole thing needs to be rebuilt from scratch. We need to roll 6 servers into one.
  • Long term: we need to add another staff person who can take over day-to-day maintenance & eventually rebuild the network
  • Short term ideas:
    • Pay someone a retainer to do weekly maintenance and be on call (try Alec). This could be expensive. Something has to happen in the short term to support current staff.
    • Pay someone to rebuild the network -- really really expensive unless they are hired as regular FG staff
    • Ask Mark N. for help with Asterisk
    • Find out if there is an Asterisk group in Vancouver, and if they would be willing to help.
    • Put a general call-out on the general mailing list to find volunteers to help

Consensus: See if we can put someone on a retainer until the next general meeting, then we can talk about what to do.


Safety overhaul

Directors are concerned about near miss and safety at FG. Up until procedure is written down, staff can't be held accountable. At the directors meeting, it was decided to give FG a safety overhaul by a 3rd party. Dave has been researching this. Cost: $600 initial fee, $60/hr after that. He will see if this rate is competitive.

New loading bay policy

Applies to:

  • Trucks backing into the loading bay, 1 tonne and up
  • FG staff vehicles used for computer pickups


  1. Vehicle pulls into laneway, honks, waits.
  2. One staff member dons hi-vis vest, goes into alley. Remains there until the vehicle's engine is off. Purpose: block the public from entering the zone. Note: Not to direct traffic.
  3. Another staff or designated volunteer stands inside the back door, on the stairs. Remains there until the vehicle's engine is off. Purpose: block anyone from exiting the door into the loading bay. Note: The door is not to be locked, in case someone caught in the loading bay needs to escape into FG.
  4. Vehicle pulls into loading bay, turns engine off. Staff and volunteer can then return.
  5. Same procedure for vehicle pulling out of the loading bay, in reverse. Staff in high-vis returns to the alley. Staff/designated volunteer block the exit. Driver turns engine on and pulls out.
  • Dave/Mike will get 2 high-vis vests from Big K
  • Ifny will make signs
    • "All truck drivers report to warehouse before pulling in"
    • security cam signs
    • "no dumping sign"
    • "watch out for backing vehicles"

General safety discussion

  • fire extinguishers all need to have clear access at all times
  • extinguishers have just expired, Dave will phone Jan 28
  • get big first aid kit and mounting it by the bathroom, class 2 -- this will be mounted by the warehouse bathroom ** Mike M. will get these
  • towels are unhygenic and spread cold germs. get paper towel boxes from Mills. look into infrared dispenser - Ifny will get these
  • high water mark green tape line, all three piles - Adam will do it
  • extension cord to buy, extension cord on the warehouse floor used for monitor testing is unacceptable - can be strung overhead - Adam will do it
  • fuse panel must be kept clear at all times - Adam will fix this
  • no one should be jumping off the loading bay
  • pathways need to be kept clear


  • do we want to do them? do we want to charge more/less/same? charge should make it worth our time
  • Mike wants to get rid of residential pickups
    • during the day, 25-30% are home, the rest are out
    • do pickups Friday/Saturday?
  • if Mike had a helper & started early, he could do 3 cargo van loads in a day
  • businesses are charged $15 to start
  • disabled pickup should be free
  • pickups are expensive - vehicles we spend $600 month rental & fuel including wages it's $800-900 + shipping that we contract out
  • should we get our own truck?
    • lease is cheaper than renting, make the truck work for us
    • we don't have enough to do 5 days a week
    • we could get a grant - pickup subsidy
  • are pickups part of our mandate?
    • makes ethical recycling accessible
    • we need to maintain relationships with big clients
    • we can corner the market in downtown vancouver
    • if material is worth it for big pickups, if that changes relationship changes
  • value drop offs coming in. most of that stuff is in FGDB
  • make certificates to send to xx company "you recycled x amt this year)
  • driver can be doing meetings and customer relations when not doing pickups.
  • This needs more research:
    • can we have a full time driver?
    • can we get a truck?
    • figure out what the costs are, can we expand?
    • can we afford it? is it necessary?
    • can we get a grant for it?
    • can we get a donated truck? (we should be a charity)
    • we want to be self-reliant

Organisation of space

Deferred, no time.


  • Workgroup meeting for budget, do reports
  • Accountant should be hired asap, Sean H. will contact someone on Thursday
  • Mike will get form for corporate account with Discount