Operations Meeting - 2008-10-28

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FREE GEEK October Operations Meeting Agenda

  • Date: Tues Oct 28th 2008 6:30pm-8:30pm
  • Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St. (back door)



  • Adam
  • Dave
  • Ifny
  • Len
  • Megan
  • Ryan


  • Consensus briefer: ???
  • Facilitator: Ryan
  • Regulator: ???
  • Scribe: Adam
  • Minutes checker: ???

Old Business

  • none

New Business

  • Hours of Operation
    • Proposal to be open 6 days a week, and juggle existing staff through those days. Discussion occurred around an "hours bank" type system with full-timers guaranteed their full-time hours.

Agreed to expand days open to Sunday, and look further at more hours open during the day (earlier in the morning/later in the evening)

  • Volunteer Hours
    • Proposal to change when volunteers are scheduled to start, to stagger volunteer starting times based on the stations.
      • Dismantle and Build start at 1100
      • Pre-dismantle at 1130
      • Eval at 1200
      • Printer/USB testing at 1600

Agreed to test this setup starting November 12th. That date was chosen to minimize the disruption because the current volunteer calendar is relatively empty starting that week. COMMIT: Ryan to add support to the volunteer calendar for these new start times.

  • Volunteer Stations
    • Discussion around how best to distribute volunteer labour, and what stations exist or are needed.
      • Mezzanine:
        • Drive handling (testing, dismantle failures)
        • Motherboard testing
        • RAM testing
        • Card Sorting
        • Card Testing
        • Network Device Sorting/Testing
        • Power Supply Sorting/Testing
        • Laptop dismantling
      • Warehouse:
        • Eval
        • Pre-Dismantle
        • Dismantle
        • Small Dismantle
        • Printer/USB Testing
        • Receiving

  • Warehouse
    • Discussion around safety and efficiency, and the best use of space.
      • Receiving/Monitor Testing area:
        • Agreed to move monitor testing to N. Warehouse wall, to stop monitors from clogging up the receiving area.
        • Put a receiving cubby-hole system for sorting incoming devices where monitor testing is currently
        • Use grey plastic carts for staging things to be sorted into cubbies.
        • Temporarily until Monitor testing moved and cubby system setup: test everything in the monitor queue, and then use the station to hold temporary boxes for sorting. Ideally this will allow us to get used to the system and clear major bugs, so we can be sure we're investing in the right kind of cubby system.
        • To make room for monitor testing on N. Warehouse wall, build-fodder machines that are in the build queue will be skidded, wrapped and stored until needed or we have more space.
      • Dismantle Area:
        • Move pallet-racking to N. Warehouse wall, linking w/ existing racking in that location
        • Scrap any incorrect/mismatched left-over pallet-racking horizontal pieces
        • Move grey shelf on kitchen wall to other more useful location
        • Put an extra dismantle station in the space vacated by the racking
    • Scrapping procedures:
      • Discussion around current economic realities, and best use of volunteer resources.
        • Date inkjet printers when they are tested, so old printers can be scrapped and replaced with new printers when their ink dries
        • No more cutting ends off wire, we'll just focus on #3 grade wire. The increase in funds to #2 wire (today 15 cents a pound) is not worth the volunteer time necessary to cut off all the plastic ends
        • No more sorting aluminum, not economically worth it given current resources prices.

COMMIT: David and Adam to tackle necessary warehouse changes. COMMIT: Ifny to move grey racking to storeroom when emptied by David and Adam

  • Store inventory needs refining.

Other items were on the Agenda, but were deferred to the next meeting, as it was now 2030 hours and all present agreed to end the meeting.