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Project Website:

OpenbravoPOS is our point of sale system in the thrift store.


NOTE: If setting up a new Point of Sale terminal, use instructions at Desktop Terminal, they are more complete. These instructions are for OpenbravoPOS only and not the user facing things which are needed.

These instructions are for release 2.30.2

Install it as per into /opt/OpenbravoPOS

Additionally install libpg-java and link the java library into OpenbravoPOS' path

'ln -s /usr/share/java/postgresql.jar /opt/OpenbravyPOS/lib/postgresql.jar'.

Edit /opt/OpenbravoPOS/ to include loading the postgresql library by adding the line




There is a custom report which requires files to be placed in /opt/OpenbravoPOS/reports/com/openbravo/reports/ The files for this are at

Finally get a copy of the config file and put it in the users home directory.