Next Steps for FG Volunteer Coordination

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Volunteer info filing system

  • Intake forms, once entered into the database are filed into the a-z binders next to the bathroom in the mezzanine. Other info such as assement forms are collect under the phone desk.

Volunteer Feedback Questionnaire

Located under Dead Trees -> Volunteer Stuff

Develop 'make work' list

On slow days it's a good idea to post this up for volunteers to see, could easily include more tasks. Located: Make Work list

Volunteer program outreach

Advertisement of the adoption program to be handed out at local community organizations.

Teaching manuals for stations

Guides for staff and Support Volunteers in Teaching Stations

Volunteer Meetings

Currently on hold

Student Internship Positions

Volunteer Support Internship

General improvement of Volunteer Stations

  • Finished your shift?
  • Dismantling Mobo QC located Dead Trees -> Volunteer Stuff
  • General organization, better teaching boards..
  • Continual updating of stations on the wiki Stations
  • Training manuals at all stations
  • General optimization of most stations-continual

Next Steps

To do list and suggestions

  • All staff should be trained on the 15 or so volunteer stations, this could begin with training on Free Fridays.
  • Work on Accessibility needs ongoing Volunteer Workgroup
  • Create non literacy based teaching diagrams at stations, Motherboard QC+ Cables has been created already.
  • Improve teaching diagrams at all stations
  • Create events and systems for volunteer recognition and rewards.
  • Create system for filing/addressing complaints; solicit feedback from staff and volunteers.
  • Hardware identification teaching boards