New Staff Orientation

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Welcome to Free Geek!

This form should be printed out, completed, and placed in the new staff member's file.

This information is specifically intended for new Staff Collective Members.


When new staff is hired there are several steps that need to be performed. It's the buddy's job to make certain these steps are accomplished. Some of these things must be done by other people but it's the buddy's responsibility to make certain that it gets done and that a complete hardcopy of this document exists in the new hire's file.

HR paperwork Date New Hire Initials Staff Buddy Initials
New Employee Sheet filled out
Direct Deposit of paychecks
Orient to HR Directory and Staff Handbook

Cultural indoctrination Date New Hire Initials Staff Buddy Initials
How did Free Geek come to be? Why?
Free Geek governance structure
Orientation to our meeting structure (Facilitating, Scribing, Consensus)
Anti-Oppression at Free Geek
Introduced around to Key volunteers
Job descriptions for other staff members
Explain what to expect the first few weeks
What to expect during probationary period
Free Geek FAQ
Documentation (why it's important, where to document what)
Full policy list

Physical & Technical Orientation Date New Hire Initials Staff Buddy Initials
Staff tour and overview of Free Geek processes
Where to park your car or lock your bike
Lockdown Procedures training
Cleaning Schedule
Safety at Free Geek
Orientation to the Free Geek Phone system
Orientation to Volunteer Calendar
Orientation to Staff Calendar
Email archives and search
Free Geek Database (only accessible from inside FG)

Other technical stuff Date New Hire Initials Staff Buddy Initials
Create a Free Geek email address
Create wiki account
Create a Secure Wiki account
Add to FreeGeek Database
Create ltsp system account
Create a voicemail account and phone extension
Add to Email Lists (staff list, general list)
Create a Roundup account
Update Staff Calendar with date of hire, 3-month probationary goal setting, 6-month probationary review

Your Position Date New Hire Initials Staff Buddy Initials
Why did we hire you anyways?
Detailed overview of Job Description
What are the most important things Free Geek wants you to focus on?
Orientation to work space
How your position intersects with other areas of Free Geek
Who you should go to for help
Two days training 'shadowing' other staff
One day training 'shadowed' by other staff
Any questions?