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Network Device Sorting HowTo

<graphviz> digraph g {

  antenna [ label="Does it have an antenna?" ]
  highend [label="Does it say Cisco/HP/SonicWall/Linksys?"]
  gb [ label="Does it say '1000 mbps' '1 gb', or 'Gigabit'?" ]

wireless [ label="Does it say 'Wireless B'?"]

  router [label="Does it say 'router'?"]
  switch [label="Does it say 'Switch'?"]
  switch2 [label="Does it have 48 ports or more?"]
  hub [ label="Does it say 'hub'?"]
  telus [label = "Does it say 'Telus' ?"]
  adsl [label="Does it say 'ADSL'?"]
  cable [label="Is it a Cable modem?"]
  router ->switch2 [label=yes]
  router ->switch [label=no]
  switch -> switch2 [label=yes]
  switch -> gb [label=no]
  switch2 -> gb [label=no]
  switch2 -> keep [label=yes]
  antenna -> wireless [ label=yes ] 
  antenna ->router[ label=no ]

wireless -> dismantle [ label=yes ] wireless -> keep [ label=no ]

  highend -> keep [label=yes] 
  highend -> antenna [label=no]
  gb -> keep [label=yes]
  gb -> hub [label=no]
  hub ->dismantle [label=yes]
  hub ->adsl [label=no]
  telus -> dismantle [label=yes]
  telus -> highend [label=no]
  adsl ->StoreBox [label=yes]
  adsl -> cable [label=no]
  cable ->StoreBox [label=yes]
  cable ->keep [label=no]

} </graphviz>

Send all devices that fit the Keep criteria upstairs to the Mezzanine Power Station.

Check out the Small Dismantling section for dismantling procedures.

Support Volunteers check out: Teaching Network Device Sorting