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DBAN 2.2 PXE howto

Get the latest DBAN iso image. Mount it and extract the dban.bzi file from it. The isolinux.cfg in the same location contains the default boot methods for DBAN for inclusion in the PXE config.

Place the dban.bzi file at tftpboot/dban/dban.bzi (on larch it is /var/lib/tftpboot/dban/dban.bzi). Add stanzas for the new kernel in your pxelinux config. tftpboot/boot-menu/utilstext.cfg on larch.

Example stanza

 LABEL dban-x86-auto
       MENU LABEL DBAN ^Autonuke
       MENU INDENT 1
       KERNEL dban/dban.bzi
       APPEND nuke="dwipe --autonuke" silent
 LABEL dban-x86-manual
       MENU INDENT 1
       KERNEL dban/dban.bzi
       APPEND nuke="dwipe" silent