Monthly Meeting - 2015-07-28

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, June 30th 2015 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Robert P., Michael G., Michael D., Rex B., Brian M., Mac M. Michele W., Nancy W., Chenessa M., Nigel C., Michael F., Trevor M.

Scribe: Trevor M.
Facilitator: Trevor M.


Nigel reported that retail sales for June are $19,000, or 62% over last year. Wholesale sales for July month matches last year although total revenue over last year is down $10,000 (6%) over last year. We have spent $15,000 less than last year to date.


PROPOSAL to adopt agenda: consideration of a policy defining consensus and an amendment to the Ban Policy to include an appeal process, with a two hour time limit: agreed to by CONSENSUS.

Definition of Consensus

After much discussion of the many options available, the following text was agreed to by CONSENSUS.

Consensus Policy:

Consensus describes the process of making decisions collaboratively. A consensus-oriented process is one in which people work together to reach as much agreement as possible.

To practice consensus decision-making, Free Geek members shall adopt the principles of inclusiveness, open-mindedness, collaboration, cooperation and mutual respect.

This process will include an open discussion to identify emerging ideas, issues and concerns, consider competing ideas and encourage counter proposals.

The facilitor's role is to involve all members present without limiting participation of other members, at the fascilitor's discretion.

Decision rule:

At the facilitator's discretion, once all who wish to speak have done so,the facilitator will either summerize a proposal or ask a proponant of a proposal to do so. A vote will then be taken.

While unanimity is the goal, consensus is defined as a super majority of 75%, rounded down.

If a proposal does not reach consensus within one hour, the proposer has the option of withdrawing it or submitting to a simple majority vote to defer to the next general meeting.

PROPOSAL to adopt the Consensus Policy and attached Decision Rule were approved by CONSENSUS.

Ban Appeal Policy

The current Ban Policy was briefly outlined and it was agreed that there was a need to include an appeal process.

The following was presented by Mike G.:


Customers may not appeal their ban; however, members have the right to appeal a ban under certain conditions.

- An appeal must be requested in writing within one week of the ban to the Secretary, who will make the arrangements and schedule the appeal. The ban remains in effect during this time. All current bans will be grandfathered in with the acceptance of this policy.

The request should include why you feel that the ban was unjustified and if you are requested it be overturned or reduced.

- Appeals for violation of policy should be handled by directors and/or staff with input from those who were involved. A panel of three people from staff/directors should head up an appeal committee. The person who issued the ban should also be present (but not on the committee). Additionally, the secretary should be present and documenting the appeal as well as acting as a facilitator.

- The appeal begins with the person who issued the ban explaining their reasons why, and all supporting evidence. The banned person can then make their case and present evidence/reasoning/witnesses as to why they should not be banned (or if the ban should be reduced).

The panel and the person who banned them then has the right to ask questions and receive answers, or to otherwise introduce discussion with the appealer.

- If at any time the facilitator feels that there is misconduct, including repeated interruptions, foul language or a refusal to listen to the facilitator's direction, then they can issue up to two warnings. If the behavior persists, then the appeal is closed with the appealer considered to have lost.

After the end of the period, the panel then deliberates and votes in a 2/3 MAJORITY decision on the following:

1. Should the ban be overturned? (Yes/No)
2. Should the ban be reduced in length? (Yes/No) If so, to what length? (Voted/deliberated by panel majority).

The appellant is then informed of the decision and must abide by it.

- Appeals by Directors are handled slightly differently. The mechanics are more or less the same, but they have a choice of two options:

A panel of five, consisting of 1 staff, 1 directors and 3 members will head up the appeal committee, Staff nominate the staff member, directors nominate the director and the members are chosen at random. This is to ensure that the staff/directors, who issued the ban originally, have input but do not have full control over the decision.

After further discussion, it was decided by consensus to adjourn the meeting and reconvene on Saturday, 1 August, at 12 noon.

Adjournment: 8:35 pm.