Monthly Meeting - 2014-12-09

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, December 9th 2014 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Attending: Jeff W., Sydney M., Ann K., Nancy W., Robert P., Mike F., Michael G., Mac M., Kricket C., Adrian W., Michele W., Trevor M., Nigel C., Jodi M., Rex B.

Volunteers: 3
Directors: 6
Staff: 6

1. Appointment of facilitator and scribe (See By-laws Part 4.18)

Trevor W. McKeown, facilitator / Trevor W. McKeown, scribe

Trevor M. explained the consensus model where everyone has an equal say, a discussion leads to a proposal which is then read by the scribe. A decision by consensus requires that all agree, with any who disagree either recorded as standing aside (abstaining) or blocking. Blocking requires an explanation and a counter proposal. Implied consequence of unresolved blocking is an expectation of leaving.

2. Adoption of agenda with two hour time limit: by consenus.

3. Reports:
Usual order of reports deferred.

4. Security cameras
Mike F. reported that three cameras have been installed, with expectation that the balance will be installed before closing on 20 December. Kricket has camera location plan from camera supplier and will pass it on to the installers. A secured lock box will be installed for computer recording from cameras.

Nigel arrived and deferred facilitator role to Trevor.

Proposed Security Camera Policy:
1. Two people must be present when unlocking the box and viewing recordings, one director and one staff member;
2. An incident report must be written and filed with office manager;
3. A log of all review of recordings is to be kept;
4. Incident reports and log to be available to staff and directors.

Jodi insisted that random monitoring be undertaken but stood aside to allow the policy to be adopted. Jeff and Rex expressed a belief that random monitoring was required for any effective surveillance program. Mike F. noted the principal intent of the cameras was to record accidents and aggressive incidents as well as shoplifting but believed their use for surveillance was an invasion of privacy.

Decision on proposal to add restriction on random or spot surveillance was deferred to directors.

PROPOSAL that the policy be adopted with the final wording to be determined by the directors was agreed to by CONSENSUS.

5. Proposed Access Key Policy:
There are currently five site access keys and 6 storage keys.

1. All keys issued to be recorded in a log to be maintained by the office manager;
2. Spare keys to be held by office manager;
3. Issuing of keys to be restricted to those with specified need to have access;
4. Keys to be held by those having regular (daily) need to access site.
5. Keys issued for short term access to be returned in a timely manner.
6. Short term access requiring power tools or involving safety issues must have more than one person be present.

PROPOSAL that the policy be adopted with the final wording to be determined by the directors was agreed to by CONSENSUS.

6. 2015 Budget
Nigel distributed financial statements, noting that year-end figures were not available but that a deficit of $15,000 was anticipated. Costs have not materially increased over the previous year and the 2015 budget will reflect efforts to increase sales rather than reduce costs.

Jodi noted that we require more space for the retail store. Nigel acknowledged the bottleneck in the warehouse and discussed costs of investing in larger space. Michael G. suggested that scheduling hours on Sundays and Mondays for dismantling would increase productivity without requiring more space. He also suggested exploring option of opening the store on Sundays. Nigel reported the possibility of a Richmond workspace for additional volunteers on weekends but this would require further research. Mike F. will research options of weekend openings 7. Christmas Party
The Dharmalab at 1814 Pandora St. has been rented for a party on Saturday, 20 December, from 7:00 to 11:00. No alcohol will be permitted. Costs are $100 to rent the space, $100 for clean up, and a $50 deposit. Nancy will post to fg-announce with a call for potluck with snacks

8. Review of Sponsor Recognition Policy
Proposed that the names of substantial donors be posted on the Wiki and letter of thanks be sent to them -- with the understanding that this was not a recognition of sponsorship -- was discussed.

PROPOSAL that the policy be adopted was agreed to by CONSENSUS.

9. Use of fg-general Mail List
Proposed that anyone with an interest in Free Geek can subscribe to fg-general which would continue to be used for open discussions. Anyone with an interest in Free Geek can subscribe to fg-announce where announcements of general meetings and social events will be posted. Current members in good standing will be automatically subscribed to fg-society where general meeting notices and minutes will be posted and members can discuss Free Geek society issues. A notice will be posted to fg-general outlining this practice.

PROPOSAL that the practice be adopted was agreed to by CONSENSUS.

10. New business
10.1. Concerns expressed by Jodi and Kricket regarding transparency.
10.2. Mike F. concerned about need to rekey locks in building.

11. Adjournment: 8:30 pm