Monthly Meeting - 2013-12-14

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, December 10th 2013 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Bernie, Brian Matheson, Mike Frost, Michael D

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Michael D

Scribe: Mike F

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Name




  • No report


  • None


Build / Production

Our entire build rack is all dual core machines. Single cores are being either dismantled or wholesaled. Laptops – slowly increasing production up to previous levels after Mike's absence due to filling in for Dave at the warehouse.

H & S

H&S Committee met Dec 7 to plan out the beginning of the new year.


  • Thanks to Brian M, Mac and three other volunteers, we now have 4 bays of racking, 8' wide, 12' feet high, 42” deep (big enough for a pallet).


  • Upgraded Memtest to the lastest version 5.2. Error message on OEM-Config has been fixed.


More of a decline in volunteers showing up, also more leaving early. Different from last year. Because we're offering dual core machines as adoption boxes we're giving out more adoption boxes than ever.



  • $16.1 K retail.


  • $4.9 K.

HW Grants

  • Steady, same as last month.



  • None.

Events / Media

  • None.


  • No report.

Staff / HR

Dave may be back in the new year. Marcus is continuing as Shipper/Receiver with Mike F.'s assistance. TOIL policy has been corrected.

Directors / Governance

  • Kricket has joined the board as Volunteer Liaison. Scott has stepped down. Alec has stepped down. Justin has relinquished his position as Treasurer but retains his other position. Nigel has stepped into Scott's position. A new member, Jocelyn, is taking over as Treasurer.

Old business

Motion to pass the minutes from the previous meeting

So moved and seconded.

New business

Name of agenda item

Because the only order of business scheduled was withdrawn by the proposer, the facilitator has brought up an issue for discussion only.

The issue: an exception to our affiliation policy.

After much discussion, we proposed that:

We should give ourselves mechanisms to allow us to thank both privately and publicly organizations that contribute to Free Geek, because in the current Affiliation policy these mechanisms do not exist or are prohibited in spirit.

Considerations: we must be careful about the wording, especially the terminology with which we described these organizations. \

Suggestion: we begin with private letters of thanks to these organizations. Later we should discuss how this will affect our website and social media streams.


  1. Michael and Karen will draft an initial letter of thanks to be presented to directors and staff at their next meetings.

Second issue: discussions took place regarding increasing the numbers of hardware grants in future. Further discussion will continue by email.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Mike F

Scribe: Michael D