Monthly Meeting - 2013-08-13

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, August 13th 2013 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Michael D, Chris H, Brian M, Steve K

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Steve K.

Scribe: Michael D

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Waived, all were familiar.




  • 1/3rd of deficit so far.



Build / Production

  • Beginning to put 2 HDs in machines due to large surplus of HDs.
  • Slowly we're receiving more and more (2-3 every quarter) i3/i5/i7 machines.

H & S

  • More fans and better cooling for the warehouse this summer.
  • Yellow tape re-added to mezz stairs.


  • Steady incoming.


  • Recent server downtime, caused by machine and staff error. Fixed for the moment, documentation/knowledge is being updated so the staff can better handle server downtime when Tyler isn't available.


  • Volunteering is slowing down for August (lots of no-shows), as is incoming. It's becoming a tricky balance to make sure we have just enough volunteer hours per day to keep up with the incoming but also not overbook.



$14.4k net


$2.7k net

HW Grants

  • Slow. Most organisations want or think they need laptops.



  • Michael went and talked on behalf of Free Geek to clients of a nonprofit immigrant work-training society. There were some high-skilled workers who were impressed with us and were interested in volunteering for Free Geek.

Events / Media

  • Michael, Adrian, and Gursim have begun filming training videos to be put up on Youtube. Expected to be finished by end of September.
  • Branded USB sticks have come in; trial run. Working on distro to copy to all of them.


Staff / HR

Directors / Governance

  • AGM still on schedule, we have more members due to application forms.

Old business

Motion to pass the minutes from the previous meeting


Cancel Next Monthly Meeting Because 2 Days Before Sept 12 AGM?

  • Last-minute suggestion, no other new business this month.


  • Chris H: AGM Business is not monthly meeting business. Good to keep up consistency. Might be business to actually discuss.
  • Steve K: Good to have the monthly meeting as is.
  • Brian M: Blocked.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Steve K

Scribe: Michael D