Monthly Meeting - 2013-04-09

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, April 9th 2013 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Chris H, Nigel C, Cecilia V, Karen N, Bernie, Steve K, Mike F, Mac, Michael D, Justin S, Adam, Brian M, Severine, Laura

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Chris H

Scribe: Michael D

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Chris H (abbreviated briefing)




  • Justin: Budget is available on lists.
  • Justin: First two months (Jan-Feb) are on schedule and a little bit better than we prorated back in January.
  • Justin: $11k less income than expected, but shipment of circuit boards hasn't gone forward yet; much more income will come from that.
  • Justin: $13k less expenses than predicted.
  • Looking good!



Build / Production

  • Michael: Lots and lots of desktops to build (because of large donations), need more help in desktop build.
  • Mike F: Lots of builders, steady.
  • Justin: Thanks to Shaw's donations, we have lots of SATA drives now for desktops.

H & S

  • Mac: HS committee formed (Mike F, Mac, Steve, Chris), first meeting next month.
  • Karen: We've bought new medical supplies.
  • Brian: HR committee should support HS committee.
  • Mac: First aid kit is complete and up to standard.


  • Mac: According to Dave, a 1-800 Junk location wants to drop off their stuff to us, or take a white bag from us on a weekly basis. We also have prospective plastic buyers.
  • Michael: Huge surge in incoming from 2 large donations in March. Seems to be going back to regular levels.


  • Cecelia: Working with Tyler on Hard drive database for Harvest boards.


  • Michael: More volunteers than I know what to do with. Will have to limit hours later on when our incoming reduces. We've finally got the demographics portion of the orientation sheet done. Once it's inputted, we'll have all of 2013's orientations demographics known.


  • Strongest month of March on record for overall sales.


  • $14.8k net.


  • $5.5k net.

HW Grants

  • Michael: Much less requests than average for this period (Jan-Mar).



  • Mac: We might be starting Linux classes.
  • Brian: Vanlug is interested in offering teachers, if FG provides systems and space. Until server rack noise is dealt with, our space will not be classroom friendly. Could work in the store, but all of the tables/shelves would have to be moved.

Events / Media

  • Justin: Me and Michael went to Pinetree secondary last week, did a presentation to an IT class (Cisco certified program). Teacher was interested in how could students out in Coquitlam participate, other than volunteering? We talked about arranging a computer drive for the school, where the students try and gather E-waste to be sent to us. Would allow us to get more donations and let students volunteer remotely.
  • Nigel: VanLove happening tomorrow, they want people to meet and discuss and talk about social media.
  • Mac: There is something to do with Earth day coming up.


Staff / HR

Directors / Governance

  • Chris: Finalised new committees (Safety, HR, volunteer recognition, review committee for options for obtaining charitable status), most are populated.

Old business

Motion to pass the minutes from the previous meeting

  • Passed.

New business

Marketing Committee Proposal

  • Marketing plan for short- and long-term FG. Presentation by Nigel, Severine, and Laura.
  • Title: “How do we get more Hardware donations?”
    • FG's goal is to ultimately be self-sufficient
    • Donations of systems have been decreasing
    • Volunteers don't have a lot to do on certain days
    • Customers want mostly laptops
    • We have 25+ competitors now
    • Our competitors have easier and more drop off locations
    • We don't charge for donation, we securely destroy data, use FOSS, more affordable computers, ethical and nonprofit, provide training and skills, provide grants
    • Solutions to increase donations: staying in touch with previous donors, reinforcing existing partnerships and alliances, increasing visibility, participate in more ecofriendly events
    • Our targets: business/corporate (multiple units), individuals (handful units), communities (multiple units)
    • Donor profile: located in Vancouver, sensitive to E-waste, ecofriendly, community conscious, surplus electronic devices
    • Several action plans (A through E), most immediate being to participate in Earth Day/Week (April 22)


  • Nigel: We're not very good about telling people how good we are.
  • Nigel: Many plans in place, but before we can get any outreach going, we need to contact membership at large.
  • Nigel: Proposal to contact our volunteers and tell them we're recognising Earth Day, and to spread the word and bring as many electronics as they can to us. Should consider having an event on the weekend before. Or: publicity should be done the whole week of Earth Day.
  • Nigel/Michael/Justin/Mac/Brian: Serious issues with the way that we can contact members: way too many different channels (announcement vs. general vs. facebook vs. twitter vs blog).
  • Justin/Nigel: We should make very clear/easy how to and why one should add themself to Announcement mailing list on website.
  • Justin: Proposal: Promote use of Announcement mailing list through different channels. Passed.
  • Nigel: Proposal: First initiative of marketing team is to contact membership this month about Earth Day. Passed.


Who: Justin, Nigel, Michael

Will do: Notify membership about Earth Day through announcement list and word-of-mouth.

By what time: Before April 22.

With what result: Increase incoming, initialise contact with membership, spread awareness about FG and earth day.

HR Handbook Re: Boots

Staff Handbook specifies $100 for workboots.

Dave wants more funding for ones that will last longer.


  • Michael: Why are boots a different type of expense (e.g. vs. tools)?
  • Chris: Boots count as a staff/taxable benefit.
  • Mac: Walmart boots are less than $100, but hurt your feet after a few months.
  • Chris: Proposal: Have HR committee look into increasing budget for steel-toed shoes. Passed.


Who: HR Committee (Karen, Adam, Justin, Chris)

Will do: Work to increase budget for steel-toed shoes.

By what time: ASAP

With what result: Staff (especially Dave) can buy better boots.

Lease Renewal

Lease needs to be nenewed soon.


  • Mac: Should we move?
  • Justin: We should expand, instead of moving. Ask the general list if we should commit to consider new locations next January.
  • Chris: Proposal to renew lease for another 12 months instead of 6. Passed.


Who: Chris

Will do: Renew lease with landlord for 12 months.

By what time: ASAP

With what result: So we can continue being at our location.


  1. Michael commits to making more signs in the building for Announcement list.
  2. Chris commit to ask general list opinions about where we could move.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Chris H

Scribe: <someone>