Monthly Meeting - 2012-07-10

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, July 10th 2012 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Wayne, Mike McManus, Jeffrey, Arielle, Bernie, Chris

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Michael

Scribe: Mike F.

Consensus briefing




For month of May we have loss of $3,735.
Year to date net income is $32,383.

Comparison with month of May of last year:
- Total revenue is $1,061 more than last year
- Total expenses are 5,271 more than last year
(Shipping was $1,137 more. Accounting was $1,470 more. This would be accounting fee for two months. There were no accounting charges recorded in May 2011. Electric was $632 more. Salary and contract services were $712 more)

Last May we made $475.
This May we lost $3,735.

See link for May budget vs actual comparison and graph of monthly sales.



Build / Production

We are inundated with small capacity RAM. Accordingly, our minimum spec has been upped to 2GB of RAM. Hopefully this will help with some of the issues of slowness that has been encountered since the upgrade to 12.04.

H & S




Our new Open Help Night sign-in, despite some initial grumblings, is being used. Volunteers are booked for two weeks in advance. We have more volunteers than work for them to do, largely because incoming donations are slow.



Overall sales of $16.9k exceeded the monthly target by over 8%, and were excellent for what is traditionally our slowest month
14.8k retail, 2.1k wholesale.

HW Grants

Small amount of grants trickling in. No large requests, usually single boxes for small organisations.



Events / Media


Staff / HR

Directors / Governance

Old business

Marketing plan from Deryl. There was a commitment for him to send his CV and marketing proposal to Wayne by June 26, but this did not happen.



New business

Proposal: Accept hiring policy as described in wiki. This policy has been approved by the board of directors and the staff.


Michael: note that the policy does not cover intern hiring. Because of the way the government funding works -- we get very short notice from Service Canada, and their funding starts from the moment they approve our request, so we have to telescope the normal procedure to save time. Therefore there should be a parallel procedure for hiring interns that takes these factors into account. Staff will review this issue.

Proposal: Approve hiring of permanent part time position of laptop coordinator.

Discussion: why this position, why part-time? Laptops are a guaranteed sale and help our bottom line. The complex nature of laptops requires a staff member to supervise and train, and to ensure quality. Part-time is due to budget concerns.

We have seen laptops increasing in numbers and expect this to continue in the future. Also, laptop sales on any given day more than pay for the cost of a staff member in that area.

Discussion as to whether the hiring policy actually allows us to create new positions. Well, yes, the need for positions and/or roles are generally determined by staff, based on operational needs.


Next meeting

When: Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Chris

Scribe: Michael