Monthly Meeting - 2012-06-12

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, June 12th 2012 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Justin, Jeffrey, Wayne, Christine, Bernie, Dave, Deryl, John, Chris, Nigel

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Geoff Bowers Scribe: Mike Frost

Consensus briefing

Given by Geoff. ,




For month of April, we have net income of $3,730.
Year to Date net income is $36,118.

Comparison with month of April of last year:
Total revenue is $107 less than last year.
Total expense is $7,072 less than last year.
(Salary was $3,190 less; Shipping was $1,611 less. There is no accounting charges this April. We have invoice for April but it would probably appear in May)

Last April we lost $3,234.
This April we made $3,730

See link for April budget and actual comparison and graph of store sales.



Build / Production

Geoff: Only bottleneck in production is SATA hard drives. We can still build IDE machines but only get few per day. Have a large stock of tested IDE drives, whereas many of the SATA drives are shot.

Discussion re laptops -- are we getting "our fair share" of the available laptops out there. Can we find about that -- whether other organizations are getting a larger share of the laptop donations than FreeGeek is.

H & S

Status of WorkSafe BC the asbestos safety order:
Scott will discuss with landlord to split cost of the asbestos assessment report.


WIll be shipping motherboards by the end of this week.


Transition to 12.04 is still causing issues: we are trying to record which graphics chipsets play nicely with Ubuntu. We are also using different desktops, such as LXDE. However, it seems that many of the issues are due to the kernel, not the desktop in particular. Some graphics chipsets just work poorly with 12.04.


We are regularly booked for volunteers an entire week in the future.



14.6k net May 2012

This is about the same as March 2012. Last year April, May and June were very slow, and it picked up after that.


1.4k net May 2012

HW Grants

Up to date. Michael has been pushing them out regularly, about 6 machines a week.



Events / Media

Geoff has done a couple of events: He spoke at East Van Love event on Social Innovation, and at Burnaby South High School environmental awareness day. We could do more events if we had more staff time. The possible hire for an Administrative position could take this on.

Clarke Drive Car Free Days. Can we participate? Geoff will commit to looking into that.


Visitor from Portland was here for a day, helped out, but not on official business.

Staff / HR

Business cards: we need them. Nigel Cornwall mentioned -- Vista Print -- good prices. Nigel will contact Michael regarding this.

Staff changes are in progress.

Directors / Governance

Drafted Open Help Night agreement and it is being revised. Final revision will go to the Directors' meeting this month.

AGM - Board will put out an announcement of the date and place within a week.

CHris - has Board made its notice for intent to renew the lease. Yes, Scott is taking care of that.

Old business

Commits from last meeting. 1. Chris Hooper general call for people to form work group for banning policy. Done. 2. Joan Woodward general call for people to form work group on conflict resolution policy. Done.

Next steps: some form of proposal needs to come to the monthly general meeting.

Chris: no proposal yet.

Question: what is a ban policy? Answer: people can for example get caught stealing and be asked to leave. However there is no central list, and the policy is vague. So, what are the circumstances under which people are asked not to come back: harassment, theft, refusal to follow safety policy, and what else? And once people have been banned, what happens then? Should records be kept, and if so, how and what data will be kept? If people are banned, is there any appeal? How are all staff notified?

Suggestion: Photo taken when people sign up? Much discussion, no resolution. Work group will consider such details.



New business

Deryl. Has put together -- on spec -- a marketing plan for FreeGeek Vancouver, because he had such a great experience here. While doing this he found out that we already had a plan, on our website, which very closely matched his own. However, nobody seems to be implementing the plan.

We need more donations, more grants going out to non-profits, training and education. How? One of our strengths is that we build and re-use computers. Our weakness is that we are in only one location.

Proposal: Deryl would be willing to implement his/our plan on a contract basis. He noted that school starts up again in only a few months, so speed is of the essence.

Wayne: asks Deryl to put together a proposal with costs. Points out we're in the middle of staff turnover, new board will be coming in, and we are still developing our vision and our direction.

Much discussion and enthusiasm.

Deryl will commit to forwarding his CV and Marketing Plan/Proposal to the Director's List by June 26.


Next meeting

When: Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Geoff Bowers

Scribe: Mike Frost