Monthly Meeting - 2012-04-10

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, April 10th 2012 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Christine H, Marie Claire, Jeffrey, Mike F, Justine D, Daniel K, Karen N, Wayne F, Bernie K, Joan W

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Mike F

Scribe: Christine H

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Joan W

Commit from last meeting, check if bylaw Consensus applies to monthly general meeting.

Wayne: Bylaw consensus is meant for Annual General Meetings (AGM). The monthly general meeting is not an AGM. A monthly general meeting relates to operational matters but we could follow spirit of consensus in the meeting. It would be helpful to distinguish the two type of meetings if we refer Monthly General meeting as Monthly meeting.




2012 Jan net income is: $1,991.35
2012 Feb net income is: $29,651.80
The high net income in Feb is due to revenue of over $27,000 from scrap value recycling.


  • no report


Build / Production

  • no report

H & S

  • Thursday April 12, WorkSafe representative, landlord and Scott will be at FG to discuss resolution to WorkSafeBC order.


  • no report


  • no report


  • no report



16.1k net of taxes for March 2012 (25% over budget/target)


2.5k net of taxes for March 2012 (7% under budget/target)

HW Grants

  • no report



  • no report

Events / Media

  • no report


  • no report

Staff / HR

  • no report

Directors / Governance

  • no report

Old business

Commits from April monthly meeting
1. Wayne will find out if bylaw consensus applies to monthly general meeting
This was done.

2. Joan commits to put together "Constructive Communication" log book for the time being on the shelf in the cave.
This was done.

3. Staff will quantify how long is staff meeting
Staff will have meeting every Friday for 30 minutes.

Old business from previous meeting
Parts 2 and 3 Towards improved communications to staff-board relations was tabled to this meeting.
2. We should institute more face-to-face communication. There should be board meetings on a monthly basis and two members of staff should be required to attend each board meeting on a rotating basis. These two people would be responsible for liaising with other staff (and possibly with core volunteers) about what has taken place at the board meetings.

3. By the same token, staff meetings should be scheduled on a monthly basis, and two board members would be required to attend each staff meeting. At present, it is felt that staff meetings are not necessary since there are very few staff and communication is taking place on an ad-hoc basis. However, perhaps this would provide an interim back-up to clear away a back-log of problems between the board and the staff and could also be beneficial in providing written documentation of points of agreement among the staff not previously understood by the board.

Discussion and Consensus

Re 2. staff attending Board meetings
No staff attended the last two Directors' meetings even though invitations were sent to the staff.

Consensus: to continue to encourage staff to attend directors' meeting

Re 3. Board members attending Staff meetings
There has been improvement in having Staff meetings. Due to availability of Board members with the time of the meeting, one director was able to attend one meeting and two directors attended another meeting in the past four weeks.

There has been no meeting agenda. No minutes were taken for the last two meetings. Lack of minutes is lack of reporting and no sharing of info on decisions made and who is doing what. An example was given to defend the need for minutes. Sometimes things change quickly and decision made one week may need to be changed in the following week. Another example was given on how meeting minutes could be useful. In one meeting, there was discussion on waving Pickup fee for two weeks to see impact on computer equipment donation. It is not clear now whether there was a decision to carry out the experiment or it was merely a discussion. Meeting minutes would have helped as a reference in this case.

Consensus: have staff meeting minutes for future reference, for example, what was decided and committed
Consensus: prefer to have staff meeting minutes go to staff list and then post to FG wiki


Proposal - Review of recently instituted procedures

Joan: Discussion is needed of how staff are able or not able, to comply with direction coming from the membership level.

This may require some refinement of procedures.


A volunteer was being treated with disrespect when helping out at Free Geek. This is contrary to spirit of mutual respect implied by our democratic consensus model of the governance.

A discussion took place regarding whether the staff are making a sincere effort to follow the directives of the membership. Recently implemented Better Communication Journal has not been effective. Its content is being ignored. What can be done? What form of communication can be effective? May be there is an alternative form of conflict resolution.


No decision was made. The discussion was left unfinished due to the desire to end the meeting by eight pm.

Proposal is tabled for next meeting.

Monthly meeting report has been scanty or non-existent


Consensus: deadline for submitting report is Monday before meeting
Consensus: it is not acceptable to have scanty or non-existent reporting, so please consider deadline

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Mike F

Scribe: Christine