Monthly Meeting - 2012-03-13

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, March 13th 2012 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Jimmy, Bernie, Tim, Allan, Joan, Wayne, Christine, Mike F, Brian

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Mike F

Scribe: Christine

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Mike F
We had discussion and question was raised whether bylaw consensus applies to monthly general meeting. Wayne will find out.



  • Purchase Policy approved at the directors meeting of Feb. 23, 2012: Any expenditure greater than $500 requires approval of the treasurer and one other director for budget compliance.
  • Per Bonus Proposal approved in November 8, 2011 monthly meeting, Q4 Bonus will be paid out to staff on Friday March 16. Q4 we have net income of $1,462.97.
  • Our accountant has completed year-end adjustments.

2011 Balance Sheet:
2011 Income Statement:


  • 2011 December actual and budget comparison and quarterly report:

The number in December includes not only revenue and expenses for December, it includes year-end adjustments. For example, expenses and revenue incurred in 2011 but not paid or collected till 2012.

With this in mind, December we lost $10,441.80. For 4th Quarter, there is net income of $1,462.97. For the year we have net income of $37,410.80. Overall revenue was 16% above budget and expenses were 2% above budget. It was a good year.


  • No report


Build / Production

  • No report

H & S

  • For WorkSafeBC order, see Directors / Governance report


  • No report


  • No report


  • No report



21k net for Feb 2012 (63% over target/budget).


2.7k for Feb 2012

HW Grants

  • No report



  • No report

Events / Media

  • No report


  • No report

Staff / HR

  • No report

Directors / Governance

  • WorkSafeBC order - Scott is working with landlord and WorkSafeBC to comply with WorkSafeBC order
  • Scott will take over role of secretary
  • Soliciting new board members - Roles could be observers for future directors, allowing mentorship.
  • Director vacancies - search continues. Look for candidates with skills that will help the organization.
  • Karen and Scott to find estimates for accounting process audit.
  • Wayne will create new membership application form; Wayne will clarify Staff membership requirements and review and summarize membership policies.
  • Wayne and Karen will review old documents in the office for shredding

Old business
1. Staff decided to remove the HR report from the November meeting, a continuing commit.
Tyler was not present in Jan 10, 2012 general meeting to commit removal of HR report as stated in minutes.
Christine proposed to remove Tyler from commit in previous meetings minutes. Consensus - yes
Christine asked Tyler to remove HR report and Tyler has removed the content for all eyes but the admin's. Is this acceptable? Yes all in agreement.

2. Karen will talk to Tim about cost of adding FGV as third party on carrier company insurance.
Request was made to add FGV as third party on carrier company insurance. Tim confirmed that we cannot be added to insurance.

3. Jessica will implement in/out board
Done - we see the in/out board.

New business

Towards improved communications:

Joan proposed three items for the improvement of staff-board relations. These suggestions are based on the the procedures of an organization very similar to our own in governance structure, "Our Community Bikes". These procedures have proven successful for that organization.

  1. We should begin to compile ideas on what constitutes successful communication. Joan would suggest a log in which people could write their reflections when a given attempt at communication goes wrong. The emphasis would be on uncovering ways of communicating that bring about positive outcomes. The log book would be titled, "Constructive Communication", and it would be kept on a shelf in the cave. Once the log book is full, we could extract those ideas that have proven successful and create a binder of permanent guidelines for constructive communication.
  2. We should institute more face-to-face communication. There should be board meetings on a monthly basis and two members of staff should be required to attend each board meeting on a rotating basis. These two people would be responsible for liaising with other staff (and possibly with core volunteers) about what has taken place at the board meetings.
  3. By the same token, staff meetings should be scheduled on a monthly basis, and two board members would be required to attend each staff meeting. At present, it is felt that staff meetings are not necessary since there are very few staff and communication is taking place on an ad-hoc basis. However, perhaps this would provide an interim back-up to clear away a back-log of problems between the board and the staff and could also be beneficial in providing written documentation of points of agreement among the staff not previously understood by the board.


  • In the staff /director meeting, staff agreed to have weekly Friday meetings open to directors.
  • There are issues with timing ie staff and directors availability.
  • Find least busy day.
  • Require one staff and optional for other staff to attend Board meeting



Consensus for proposal part 1.
Joan commit to put together "Constructive Communication" log book for the time being on the shelf in the cave.

Parts 2 and 3, we will allow one month delay to observe the effect of regular staff meetings with directors attending. Staff will quantify how long is staff meeting.

Table for next month's meeting


  1. Wayne will find out if bylaw consensus applies to monthly general meeting
  2. Joan commit to put together "Constructive Communication" log book for the time being on the shelf in the cave.
  3. Staff will quantify how long is staff meeting

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, April 10th, at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Mike F

Scribe: Christine