Monthly Meeting - 2011-11-08

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, November 8th 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Jessica, Tyler, Mike F, Wayne, Tim, Justin, Jimmy, Evens, Rod, Christine, Karen, Dave, Joshua, Bernie, Geoff

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Rod

Scribe: Christine

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Jessica
Content is from




Christine: For September, we made $893 and year-to-September, we made $35,947. See

Quarterly report:

  • Q1 is Jan to Mar, we made $32,960.
  • Q2 is April to June, we lost $7,814.
  • Q3 is July to Sept, we made $10,801.

Salary is higher in Q3 because we had summer students for three months but the wages were reimbursed.

Karen: When do we get the month-end accounting info?
Christine: We get month-end accounting info 3 weeks after the month-end (this used to be 1.5 months). That means we receive Sept accounting info on Oct 21.

Karen: Why did we lose money in Q2?
Christine: We did not get any money for scrap value and traditionally it is a quiet time of the year.


  • No work is done at this time. No Director, staff member or volunteer workgroup is dedicated to grants.


Build / Production

  • Geoff: All laptop hard drives are up to date for first time ever. More machines are being built than we need to keep the supply to the store and hardware grants. Build volunteers are steady. More builders are being focused to laptops.

H & S

  • no report


  • Dave: Corporation donations were up mostly last week and got over 100 LCD monitors. 3 boxes of mother board are ready to go. Donations from individuals are a little bit down.

File:Incoming lcds/systems.jpg


  • Tyler deployed Kanban for Tim to communicate between the store and receiving.
  • Got new ISP connection in.

Why switch ISP?
Old ISP was flaky and best is 5MB down. New ISP is 50MB down. Updating on machines is much faster and better phone reliability.


  • We have broken 4,300 volunteers on our database. We have been booked up at least a week in advance for the warehouse volunteer shifts due to this being a quieter time of year.
  • Active volunteer is about 200.



Retail sales net of tax is $11,900 for October


$1,300 for October.

HW Grants

  • We have given out 19 Hardware Grants since September 1st. In those 19 grants we gave away 68 systems.



  • We have six classes booked for the open classroom project through to January. Many are fully booked (with 10 - 15 people) already.

Events / Media

  • Jordan Eunson and Jessica M have pitched an article on "Nightmare after Christmas" to Common Ground which has been accepted. They are looking into pitching this to the Georgia Straight as well.


  • There are live people there.

Staff / HR

No report.

Directors / Governance

no report

Old business

Motion to pass the minutes from the previous meeting

Christine: Why is this? We never have this in monthly meetings.
Jessica: We had it in January. It was missed in the meeting template.

No objections to pass minutes from the previous meeting

Reviewing the AGM directors selection process

In the September meeting, we have "The board will commit to reviewing the AGM directors selection process".
Alec had been working on this and sent email to general to solicit feedback. Christine will follow up with Alec.

Replacing a director?

In the October meeting, we have "Wayne: We lost a director. According to the bylaws we have to replace them".

The bylaws don't specify time limits to fill the vacancy, but to make it clear to all who have concerns about this issue, the directors have discussed the expertise lacking on our board and we have decided to embark on a search for a potential board member who is at this time, a practicing lawyer.

Bernie: Lawyer is not useful. We need to have warehouse organization, the nuts and bolts of operations.
Wayne: Having a lawyer widens skill set. We are responsible for legal issues such as getting sued or loose status as non-profit.
Rod: We fall under the Society Act so we have obligations for things that can be contentious.
Jessica: Have lawyer to give free advise for last two years.
Wayne: Yes we need answers to little questions as needed.

Part time staff member

In the October's meeting, we have Rod's Part time staff member proposal.

Rod is proposing that we consider hiring a part time position, in the warehouse, someone who can wear many hats. Rod believes it is necessary to maintain a constant flow of product as well as a consistency to express the FG good will.

Rod needs to provide a job description on the part-time position for the next meeting.

Proposal to modify the mandate

In October's meeting, Tyler proposed to modify the Mandate

as our official mandate document, in particular the Principles section. This is intended to clearly document our free software, training, and non-hierarchical intents alongside the recycling intent. These principles are referenced elsewhere such as the Director Agreement and removing them I believe substantially changes the documentation on why this organization exists."

Tyler: Proposal to accept draft in principle. One issue - Ali pointed out in order to change constitution, we need to talk to membership. Proposal to accept it as working draft as agenda item. It is not expected to be controversial. Consensus - yes

New business

Established policy New Business

Per established policy New Business needs to be announced one week ahead. We will not accept items that are submitted late.


Pickup info was changed on the web site. When Dave arranged for pickup, it becomes a nightmare. Charge amount was taken out but all have been fixed. Dave is in charge of pickup. Tim hopes Dave will have more pickup trips. Tim correlates what we sell and what is picked up. There are two streams of pickup. Pickup by trike, smaller pickup could be with X.

Karen: You have driver to pick up fee?
Dave: X is going to be by donation.

Jessica: Making decisions on advertising should go to operations
Tim: Discussed with every member of the staff

X is cheaper than Y.
Christine: will provide invoiced amount for X and Y
Rod: Is X bondable?
Wayne: We need to know that we are not liable if someone got run over.
Tim commits to ask and find out about X and let directors know if there may be liability issue.

Proposal for staff bonuses for quarters 3 and 4 of 2011


  1. Provide objective criteria to determine how staff bonus is paid, if any.
  2. Share profit of the organization and encourage staff performance while safe guarding Free Geek Vancouver financial health

Limitation: Intended for Q3 and Q4 of 2011 only. Staff bonus, raises and total compensation for 2012 need to be determined.

Criteria for quarterly bonus payout:

  1. Year to date Profit (revenue - expense) greater than zero.

Payout Amount: profit for the quarter x 50% / number of full time staff capped by 5% annual salary

Bonus payout in one quarter becomes expense for the following quarter. So if we pay bonus of $1,300 in Q1, then $1,300 becomes an expense for Q2.

Example of bonus payout calculation on profit of $32,000:
32,000 x 50% / 4.6 = 3,478 which is greater than 5% annual salary (26,0000 x 5%) $1,300.
Payout is then $1,300.

Note: The maximum yearly payout with this formula could be as high as 20% of salary, if Free Geek made a profit of around $47,000. That would be a really good year.

consensus - yes


  1. Rod commits to job description
  2. Tim commits to checking X on liability insurance
  3. Christine commits to provide billing amount from X and Y
  4. Christine commits to followup with Alec re director selection process
  5. Tyler commits to update mandate document to reflect adoption

Next meeting

When: December 13th at 6.30pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Jordan

Scribe: Tim