Monthly Meeting - 2011-07-12

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, July 12th 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Jess M-P, Tim A, Wayne F, Geoff B, Bernie K, Kevin V, Dave F, Rod, Devenne D, Alishams H

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Jessica

Scribe: Tim

Consensus briefing

Everybody knows.



Watch this space.


As above.


Nothing to report.


Build / Production

Geoff: We have a pile of machines ready to go. Two full shelves in the warehouse, something like 50. About a dozen laptops ready or near ready. Incoming is healthy.

H & S

Nothing to report.


Dave: We've been super-busy with some major donations of late. For example, today we did seven megabags, two pallets, lots of walk-ins, some pickups.


Nothing to report.


Jess submits the following report:

  • How many new volunteers have we had per year since 2007 upto now?

2007- 128 (April-Dec)

2008- 484 (full year)

2009- 989 (full year)

2010- 1116 (full year) 2011- 573 (Jan-June)

  • How many volunteer hours have been put in per year since records began until now?

2007- 172.25 hrs (April-Dec)

2008- 12,035.66 hrs (full year)

2009- 21409.27 hrs (full year)

2010- 21978.76 hrs (full year) 2011- 9203.86 hrs (Jan-June)

  • How many total volunteers do we have on our database?

3890volunteers to date

  • How many volunteers have been active volunteers?

2790 volunteers to date



Tim: Slightly under budget for the month of June. 13.6k. In line with seasonal drop-off of previous years. Installed touchscreen today. Playing phone tag with Vancity and Desjardin. Had a couple of big days of 1600+, this week and last.



HW Grants

Geoff/Jess: Up-to-date. The main issue is getting people to pick up their stuff. Bernie: How many requests per week? Geoff: About half a dozen. About a third are refused for various reasons.



Jess: We have an intern, Adrian, who will be taking care of the Open Classroom Project starting in September. It's effectively a formalized Open Help Night. Geoff is setting up the computers for it. We'll have about a dozen at a time fairly comfortably.

Events / Media

Jess: We were on TV four times on two channels (Global and CBC). We got free airtime on Fox, will be doing dyke march, folkfest. We did community radio, carfree day on the drive.


Nothing to report.

Staff / HR

Geoff: Interns are awesome. Kevin: <demonstrates by breaking a 30 year-old keyboard.> Jess: Holidays are coming up.

Directors / Governance

Ali: EGM is on Thursday.

Old business

CD/DVD sales review. So far so good. Selling CDs for a buck, DVDs for two. Not a huge amount of incoming, apart from Jordan's angry music and power ballads.

New business

Free Laptops for volunteers with over 100 hours


Wayne: We need to consider first of all if we have enough to even do this. Some people contribute a lot more than others and we should consider ways to reward them. I don't think that people who only do dismantle or wire-cutting for 100 hours should be rewarded in the same way. Also, how will this affect the revenue stream? Geoff: I question whether we have enough, it depends on incoming. It's looking good now, but we might not have enough in six months time. Rod: This is not just whether we have enough, what about wholesalers getting working laptops? Jordan: We have a set of priorities, when it comes to distributing machines. Jess: Functional laptops don't go to wholesale buyers, they only get non-functional machines. Jordan: Proposes that we don't have enough laptops to change the way we distribute them currently, that we should review in two months. Wayne: We still need to address the issue of how to reward long-term volunteers. Tim: How about if we do a volunteers-only sale, as and when the supply of laptops permits this? Devenne: Your flash sales are not good for people who get the digest. Tim: Thanks, I'll bear this in mind. Geoff/Jess: I like Tim's idea.


That we review the supply of laptops in two months with a view to either allowing volunteer discounts for them, or adoption for long-term volunteers..

Forty per cent volunteer discount extended to flatscreens.

General agreement among staff and members present that we have enough now to do this.



Quarterly bonus

Deferred until Luke submits a financial report.


  1. Jordan is going to do his job.
    1. Tim is going to keep on being beautiful.

Next meeting

'When: Tuesday,August 9th, 2011 at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Alishams. Scribe: Tim A.