Monthly Meeting - 2011-06-14

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, June 14th 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Wayne F, Jordan E, Dave F, Jessica M-P, Tim A, Bernie K, Rod, Karen N, Alishams H, Devenne D, Jon W, Luke C.

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Wayne F.

Scribe: Tim

Consensus briefing

Everybody knows.



Income statement is prepared for May. Net ytd 25k. Luke will post budget-to-actual.




Build / Production

Jess: Geoff not here. More laptops than ever. Over 30 in the last couple of weeks, had a great sale. Primarily due to volunteers getting more involved, and staff less.

H & S

No known incidents.


Dave: Plugging along. Five skids of motherboards since February.


Nothing to report.


Jess: Less to do, therefore reducing volunteer bookings. Lots of attendance at tours. Make work.



Tim: Numbers down on last month, but up compared to May of the last year and the previous year. One major wholesale buyer was away for the whole month. Good help in the store (store support intern + summer intern). New redmine requests ticket system working well, up to ~half a dozen requests per day.


Down compared to previous month. One major buyer has been away for six weeks.

HW Grants

Less than 2 week wait. Eight currently processing.



Jon: Three way participation with Free Geek, VCN, VANLug created open classroom project, classes will be launched in the next month or so.

Events / Media

Jess: Radio ads being played on community stations, free. Couple of festivals coming up in the next couple of months, Car Free day is going to be great. We're giving out stuff there. Looking for volunteers.


Not much to report. Rod asks about Toronto, Jess says they're doing well.

Staff / HR

Jess: We have Kevin, a Service Canada summer intern, who is awesome, and we are hiring for another one to replace the one who left.

Directors / Governance

Bylaws Report

The goals outlined at the beginning of this project were as follows:

  • Criteria for society membership
    • Enrollment
    • Continued Membership
    • Ceasing Membership
    • Expulsion
  • Official electronic communication
  • Running official meetings by consensus
  • Directors hold-harmless clause

These goals can found here: Bylaw_Goals. They were determined thru the monthly meetings from November and December 2010. Using these goals, we created a draft that was then sent to Mary Childs, a Lawyer at the Ethos Law Firm. After some revisions we now are happy to have a proposed set of bylaws that are ready for adoption. These goals will be proposed for adoption at our next EGM. If enacted, they will govern our subsequent AGM as well as all official meetings in years to come.

You can review the existing bylaws here. The clauses in red are proposed to be removed, and the clauses in green are proposed to be added.

Bernie: why was this necessary?
Luke: we need this to cover our legal bases, essentially. Moving it closer to making our consensus-based organization in line with the legal requirements of the Society Act.
Ali: What's the situation with the majority vote, is it fifty per cent?
Luke: Only if consensus can't be achieved in an hour. If not then another meeting is called and an issue is decided by majority vote at that second meeting. Just a safety net.
Devenne: If we want to enact these, do we have to ensure that all members are in goodstanding?
Luke: Yes, all members in goodstanding will be able to vote on whether we want to enact the bylaw changes at the EGM. The AGM will then run under these bylaw changes, at which point we will have different criteria by which a member is defined as being in good-standing under the Society Act.
Ali/Luke: At the moment, you only have to apply to the directors, so we've been adding all-and-sundry. The new criteria will be to have volunteered 12 hours in the last 90 days, perhaps including meeting hours.
Karen: What's an EGM?
Luke: <Explanation.>

Old business

Nothing to report.

New business

Software reuse

Dave asked, why don't we sell software?
Leading to the proposal:
Jess: That we sell all music and movie cds/dvds that are legitimately produced/distributed.


Rod: We get whole collections that we have to destroy.
Jordan: From legal sources of distribution, this should be.
Dave: Our recycling income from it is negligible.
Rod: We'd get way more money selling them individually.
Luke: It would be better even to give away.
Devenne: It's more efficient to scrap them, storage wise etc. Could we find a way to sell wholesale?
Rod: There's a lot of work even now, sorting them, separating the materials. Retail places are going out of business.
Tim: It's a separate issue how we resell.
Luke: Let's change the policy today and see from there how it's implemented.
Devenne: There are places that take them as donations.
Karen: Comedy stuff can go to cancer wards.
Jess: Yay.
Dave: Reuse places no extra demand on space compared to recycling.
Wayne: Portland are doing the same thing and seem to sidestep legal issues.



Call for Directors

The absolute latest that we can have an AGM is toward the end of August. Jordan proposes we issue a formal call for Directors for the next term. We should set a pre-determined number of weeks to receive nominations and then host a meeting for all interested parties to explain what will be expected of them and to get a sense of where strengths and responsibilities would lay. Proposal, Luke: That we send out a call for directors for the next term, and sit down with interested parties.


Jon: Is there a min/max?
Jordan: We have a minimum of five.
Wayne: I'd like to know what's involved.
Jordan: That's why we need to sit down with people and make sure that everyone knows what they're getting in to.
Luke: So after the call out we sit down with interested parties and discuss what we need to have done and what they can do, BEFORE any obligations/commitments are made.



Recyclables Being Thrown Out

I (Jordan) was in a couple of weeks ago and while waiting decided to help out a volunteer who was unboxing DVD's for recycling. This little tiny DVD was being taken out of #5 plastic DVD cases and being placed into a bin, this bin would be recycled. But for the DVD containers they were being thrown out, along with their paper inserts and sleeves. This is completely unacceptable and needs to remedied immediately. We should all be ashamed of ourselves for having such a blaring oversight and creating completely unnecessary waste especially at a non-profit that declares itself to be a recycler.

To resolve the issue I propose to contact whoever takes care of our garbage collection and order some recycling bins. I can take care of this commit. Are there any objections?
Amendment(Luke): That we start recycling plastics #1,2,4,5.


Rod: Is it going to cost us?
Jordan: Yes, but I think it's worth it.
Jon: How do you know it's worth it if you don't know what it costs?
Jordan: Because it's plastic.
Jess: I'd rather a member of staff take this on (me if need be), have volunteers sort by type and take it to Encorp down the road.
Tim: I question whether Encorp depots do this (for non-beverage containers).
Jordan: Raises issue of insurance if they are offsite.
Jess: They're already covered at events and so on.
Luke: Just the fact that we're diverting it from the wastestream, either way is better than what we're doing now.




  1. Jordan E will inquire about cost with current garbage collectors.
  2. Jess makes sure that we start collecting recyclables.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Jess M-P

Scribe: Alishams