Monthly Meeting - 2011-04-12

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, April 12th 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Alishams, Dave F, Luke C, Devenne D, Justin D, Jessica M-P, Jordan E, Geoff B, Tim A, Chris H, Wayne F

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Alishams H

Scribe: Tim A

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Jessica MP




Luke: Budget-to-Actual up to end of February: Donations close, scrap under (large cheque in March), wholesale and retail well above budget (20%). Expenses under in almost everything.

Ten grand under ytd overall expenses, (~25%). >7k ytd higher revenue than budgeted. Details to be posted.


Nothing to report.


Build / Production

Had been worried about incoming a few weeks ago, but keeping up, have new builders. Laptops are strong. Caught up with hard driver wiping.

H & S

Everyone's safe. Yay. No incidents.


Everything's good, new arbour press coming soon for destroying hard drives. Explanation of how that works. Arrangements made for purchase.


Aaron B has updated wiper script, does 3 minute smart test, shows which drives failed. Has speeded up procedure. Shows correct time till finishing. New version of memtest includes failsafe. OpenBravo POS has been implemented and is working well including receipts. Also new invoicing software which is working though may need to be expanded.


Lots of them. Every station is packed.



Nearly 21k for whole of March of which 2.3k was wholesale. New POS in place with proper receipts. Luke and Tim will work out the details of card POS.


~2.3k for the month of March, not including invoiced.

HW Grants

Caught up with the backlog and keeping up with new requests, most filled within a week.



New website will go live this week. I've included the contributions from at least a dozen staff, board members, and volunteers. The new website, in development, is viewable at Luke 15:27, 10 April 2011 (PDT)


Jess: Ubuntu Vancouver, VANLUG and VCN are working together to produce a curriculum for open source lessons. Working on a wiki at Ali: Open help night is going well, many people helping every time.

Events / Media

Richmond earth day event planned involving kids and Jordan. McGill library talk was first of many planned by Jessica, considered a success. Shaw are making a documentary about us. BCIT radio interview by Chris.


Jess had discussions with Portland about BAN certification.

Staff / HR

Geoff: Will need to figure out time off for everyone. Jess: Rod is covering Jess while she's away. Payroll issue raised by Chris. Luke: Vacation doesn't accrue anymore. Chris: We need to update the wiki in accordance with legal requirements.

Directors / Governance

Governance is waiting for legal advice on changes to governance structure. We're looking for lawyer. Jess suggests John Richardson, will forward details to Luke. We need a local account for sending members information. According to Ali - personal data cannot be stored on foreign servers. Jordan and Luke - we have locally hosted mail server which we can use. Needs to be configured, is doable. Jess: Will it be ready for the AGM? Luke: It's very late already. If we are to have this meeting to pass the new bylaws, we need a month lead time to give notice, which puts our AGM in the summer. If bylaws are not in effect for the AGM we can pass them at the AGM but the entire AGM passes under schedule B. Chris: possibly only 14 days lead time. Needs to be looked into. Can we hold it in June? Luke: too late for that? Ali and Luke: We need a registry of members to be up to date. How quickly can this be done? Commits: Jess lawyers contact, Ali updates member list as per schedule B by 20th April.

New business

Staff Bonuses

Jessica had originally put this suggestion forward

Luke amended the proposal here


Luke: proposes bonus of $1000 each full-time staff member, pro-rated based on length of employment and equivalent amount(s) for part-time employee(s). We are over budget, bonuses of less than 5k are definitely do-able. [Contingent on evidence arising that it would threaten our non-profit status.]
Ali: Does it affect our non-profit status?
Jordan: No
Geoff: We did it last year.
Luke: It doesn't affect us, bring evidence forward if you can find it. This isn't based on profit, it recognizes the performance of our staff based on a number of metrics and subjective factors.
Jess: It's more like a honorarium, bonus could be a misleading word.
Luke: Contingent on research contradicting it we go ahead. [Amendment]
Chris: What about a standard raise?
Luke: This is less risky because it's discretionary and we don't have to give a bonus at any point in the future. Ongoing bonuses would suggest we can bump up pay permanently.
Jordan: This is akin to a retroactive raise.
Geoff: This is "peak season", things may not look so rosy later in the year.
Jordan: We need to have more stable ground under us before making a more concrete commitment.
Luke: We should review this every quarter.


Bonus of $1000 each full-time staff member, pro-rated based on length of employment and equivalent amount(s) for part-time employee(s). Luke will see this through to make sure it doesn't threaten our non-profit status.

Ban / e-stewards Certification

Luke explains:

The e-stewards pledge program will expire in August. If we want to continue to have a formal relationship with BAN and the e-stewards program, we can complete the certification process.
More info:


Geoff: It's a massive audit process including the serial numbers for every single item that comes in the door. Has been receiving a lot of mail from them but I don't understand why we would do this if it doesn't verify our downstream.
Jordan: It's not so much a service as demonstrating that we comply with certain standards.
Jess: It doesn't mean that we won't be sending stuff to China indirectly, it could mean that we're only pledging to do something about it in the future. This doesn't make any sense in terms of our mission statement and values. Sadly there is nothing else, but that's not a reason to go ahead with something that isn't very meaningful and would cost ~$20k.
Jordan: Agreed it doesn't fit our mandate as we're about reuse. No measurable benefit so far from stewardship.
Geoff: It's unrealistic for an organization our size.
Luke: Two benefits to it: 1. Someone might do business with us because of the seal of approval. 2. Keeping our organization honest. Would keep us focussed on ideals. How do we otherwise uphold these standards through self-regulation.
Justin: We have a large number of items and it sounds as though it would be unmanageable.
Chris: I don't think we would lose much by letting it lapse/not going forward with it. Basel Convention will still exist separately from BAN and we can still try to adhere to this as best we can without the expense associated with BAN. We are a transparent organization and do not need this in the way that larger organizations might.
Wayne: Agrees we don't need to do this to maintain ethical standards.


To launch an investigation into our downstream and to disseminate the information we thereby attain. Committed to by Jess and Dave.

Renew Lease

Chris explains:

Free Geek's lease expires at the end of June. We have to give 60 days prior notice if we intend to renew, meaning we have to give notice by the end of April.
A six month lease was secured because moving was being considered. At this time we can do one of two things: consider another short lease--such as three months--but only if someone was going to put a lot of time in now to find an alternate location, or renew for twelve months to consider moving next year.


Chris: We did a six month lease back in January, we need a lead time of two months to renew.
Luke: has anyone done anything about moving?
Jordan: Alan has a space next door, doesn't make sense because we'd be even more disjointed. Given the space that we have combined with the rent we're paying it wouldn't make sense to move. At $8/sq.foot it can't be beat. That we should from a completely separate place, starting a satellite store.
Tim: would the space next door make sense as a sat store.
Jordan: No, too ugly, not suitable.
Jordan: Proposes that we renew for another year.


Proposal that we extend lease 12 months beyond end of the current one passed.

Policy change, Accept Toner

Jordan explains:

Now that we have a reliable downstream recycler, Clover Environmental, I propose we place toner as an accepted item.


Jordan: we should accept it because we have downstream now. Not a problem with having it onsite.
Luke: where are they located?
Jordan: Mississauga and somewhere in the states. Local company didn't have completely accountable downstream
Geoff: sounds good.
Dave: it's a source of revenue for us.
Jordan: will commit to changing our website to reflect the change on resolution passing.


Amended proposal passed as follows:
Accept Toner cartridges, not broken or open.


Luke will launch new website this week.
Tim and Luke will work out the next move for getting debit/credit card processing.
Jess will find lawyer to run by governance changes.
Ali will update members list by April 20th.
Jess and Dave will investigate our downstream and report back.
Jordan will update the website to reflect our change on toner policy.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door.


Facilitator: Jordan.

Scribe: Geoff.