Monthly Meeting - 2011-03-08

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, March 8th 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Tyler, Jessica, Jordan, Tim, Jax, Dave, Bernie, Shayne, Chris, Karen, Wayne, Alishams, Devenne.

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Jordan Eunson

Scribe: Jessica M

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Chris H



                    • Luke please insert link to Finance report here. thanks!******************
  • Highlights- revenue is well over by $4000 ish for store sales. Overall January was very positive cash flow month. Cash reserves are about $40,000, this is where we would like to be.



  • Service Canada grant has been applied for three positions for the full sixteen weeks. Please all think about any special projects we want them to do during this time.


Build / Production

  • Laptop production has been good, between 6-9 per week. Alec and Brian our volunteers have been helping out. We sell approx 1 a day in the store.
  • Geoff will produce beautiful charts for next meeting regarding Build production figures. We currently have a great amount of systems being produced, build is always busy. Incoming is low.

H & S

  • We have been reducing the amount of CRT's we accept due to staff injury. We are asking the public to, if possible, send their CRT's to the return-it depot two blocks away.


  • Here's the Incoming Report for the last 20 months.

  • We have been doing corporate pickups again since late January. we're running out of pickups to do. We've sent out the Toner. Wahoo.


  • LTSP is working a lot better, much more reliable with thicker clients. Invoicing software is being created to be way more efficient.


  • We have had low incoming the last month and have had a consistent amount of volunteers. The Movie Night was a success!



  • We have hired a Sales Coordinator, his name is Tim. The store has been averaging over 1000 dollars a day since the start of the year. The store has consistently had systems and laptops since the start of the year. Positive comments from customers saying it is cleaner, tidier in the store. The mood is more relaxed in the store of late.


  • Wholesale has been going well. We have some fab regular wholesalers, Tim will be becoming the new wholesaler contact.

HW Grants

  • Hardware Grants are up to date and being processed regularly, it is being run by Geoff, Jessica and volunteers.



  • Open Help Night is very busy and lots of helpers and folk needing help.

Events / Media

  • Jessica is doing a panel discussion in March for an e-waste movie showing and a talk at Burnaby Public Library. We have three school groups coming in this month for tours. SFU are doing an ewaste day and we are receiving the e-waste they collect this month. Jordan is doing an outreach event on Thursday with Metro Vancouver.


  • Toronto Free Geek called and had many questions, mostly about selling propriety software, we gave them links to how we came to our current software policy.

Staff / HR

  • We have hired a Sales Coordinator.

Directors / Governance

  • N/A

Old business

New business


  • Both Jessica and Dave have hurt themselves moving the CRT's. We have been reducing the amount of CRT's we accept by suggesting the public taking CRT's to the Return-It depot two blocks away. Our literature currently says that we do not accept CRT's.

We should never build skids more than three CRT's high for safety.

  • Proposal to strongly advise people to take CRT's to Return-it directly, with corporate pickup we can offer to take CRT's and they put them on a separate skid and our truck company can take them to Encorp. Geoff, Jessica, Jordan and Devenne will make this happen in the instructions, training, corporate and website. This still needs to be worked on. Commit to report back on this next meeting.

Staff Raises

  • Given our financial report Jordan proposes we give staff a raise of $1 per hour. Luke adds that we are doing quite well, the year is young and we should not over commit. He would like us to be conservative. This will be taken to the list and discussed at our next meeting.
  • Why not give quarterly bonuses and help motivate staff to increase production/sales.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, April 12th at 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St, back door.


Facilitator: Alishams

Scribe: Tim