Monthly Meeting - 2011-02-08

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, February 8th 2011 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Facilitator: Chris H.

Scribe: Jordan E.


  • Jessica MP
  • Tyler H
  • Jordan E
  • Chris H
  • Dave W
  • Shane B
  • Geoff B
  • Dave F
  • Bon R
  • Bernie K

Consensus Briefing

Chris H. We run our meetings by consensus. Tada.


  • Facilitator: Chris H
  • Scribe: Jordan Booyah E



  • Training new finance intern, and performing 2010 year end.




Geoff: Builders have been pumping out systems, we have all needed SATA drives. Incoming is great.


Jessica: it is very safe!


Dave: lots of perfect pickups. Ticket master dropped off lots of system recently.


Tyler has been improving infrastructure for clients. Also we had a discussion on the list for changing criteria regarding accepting drives. Regarding wipe station.

Dave W: is there any open source DVD movie player? Tyler: No. It's a copyright problem and not an open source problem? Shane: Is this for testing? Geoff: No, when we sell a system it cannot have proprietary codecs on it. Shane: What's the purpose of doing this? I don't understand? Tyler: We're talking about the ability of the computer to play, not the movie that is on there. Chris: We're talking about a decoder. Shane: Doesn't VLC play DVDs Geoff: We cannot install any proprietary codecs, however we'll show you how to do it. Jessica: We also give people a how-to on explaining how to install this codec stuff. And we have wednesday nights as well.


Jessica: orientations have been great recently, due to TV shows and outreach. In general it's been nice and busy. Dave: yeah, we have to turn them away. Jessica: really busy incoming, oh and in warehouse we're getting ready to ship some skids out for mobs Tyler: There's been two days in the last week where we only had three staff and the volunteers have been stepping up. Jessica: and they've been running the store. Geoff: Yeah, they've been great lately.

<explaination of how general meetings work>


Geoff: it's going pretty darn well, we did a $1000 today, that's pretty regular. Even on the slow days we're doing 600-800 dollars. We're getting better stuff. Tyler: Is the store running out of stuff? Could we put more stuff in there? Geoff: We're doing pretty darn good, but there's always stuff people want that we don't have.


Geoff: going really well, a handsome gentleman is coming in twice a week, taking busted laptops, as well as all the extra ram and hard drives, and servers. That's another part of why the store is doing consistently well.

Hardware grants

Jessica: With Tyler's stunning help I sent out a report to general. In this month we sent out half the systems as we did for all of 2010.


Jessica: we talk. Bernie: I checked out your mailing lists. And there's no page that for the link that I clicked on.


Jessica: Adoption classes are run entirely by volunteers now.

Events and Media

▪ Free Geeks radio advert is being played regularly on various local and provincial stations. Our Get Connected episode was aired this last month and has received positive feedback. Jessica is booked to do more talks and presentations in the coming months. Plus we have had a rise in special orientations for school groups and employment programs. ▪ Free Geek is being represented at Metro Van's Zero Waste Conference this March by Jordan. We're going to be highlighting how we outsource repairable hardware to next-tier vendors for reuse. It's only a 5 min presentation but hopefully will show the benefit Free Geek has to the decision makers of larger corp and the city. There is a Q&A panel that we will be on as well in regards to product design and extended manufacturer responsibility. ▪ And movie night!!!




Chris: We hired Geoff since last meeting. And we hired Dave. They're both handsome men and we love them very much.


Jordan: I'm hungry Chris: FG renewed it's lease for 6 months. Ali and I signed it, and there's a new provision for 2 months notice. Renew in may or april.


Jessica: Will it be fixed before the next AGM Yes


Windowless Wednesday Rename

We want to rename windowless wednesday to something less deprecating of other technology. option put forward thus far: Linux Wednesdays Linux Support Night Non-denominational Wednesday Wide Open Wednesday The Open Help Night ( Geoff B, Dave W ) The Open Technology Help Night GNU/Linux Help Night Linux Clinic (Luke C, Christine ?, Chris H, Jordan E, Mike W, support this.) Loving Linux (sounds pornographic) Jordan: Proposal to rename Windowless Wednesday to Open Help Night. Consensus


Staff wants to migrate away from LTSP. Let's discuss a timeline and how to proceed. Jessica: LTSP bad, poor Tyler is always fighting it. I suggest we get a deadline to fix LTSP. Tyler: My plan is to build a script to bootstrap the clients and bind them to our network infrastructure however they retain their computing autonomy. The scripting will be available to anyone to modify. Timeline will be two weeks tops. I'll deal with security later. We'll depend on our LDAP server for staff logins, for printers we're dependant as well as shared folders. I don't see a way of being able to not depend on servers. Those servers have been solid for the last year. The terminals should be replaceable and the terminals Jessica: Do we have offsite backups? Tyler: Yes, I take a drive home. Jordan: Can you please make a report for next meeting. Tyler: I want a definition of "computers working" Jessica: I want online access, printers work. Jessica: I think that spending some money on infrastructure would help? Jordan: Yes, but only if we replace all the hardware. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Shane: Why don't we just buy AMD quad core. And about 4GB of RAM. and build a new machine.

Jessica: Why is our infrastructure so complex? Jordan: I explained some stuff. Jessica: Thank you for the explanation.

Shane's Report!!!

Shane: I think we should make some basic terminals. Chris: It's been resolved. Shane: Are we, (jordan gets confused, I lost track, I sorry) Share: I also noticed we get a whole bunch of P4 boards,

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Facilitator: Jordan E

Scribe: Jessica MP