Monthly Meeting - 2010-12-14

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, December 14th 2010 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Seth G, Justin D, Geoff B, Felix B, Jessica, Mike, Devenne, Chris H, Luke, Reegan, Bernie, Mark.

Explanation of roles

  • Facilitator: Jordan Eunson
  • Scribe: Jessica Mason
  • Consensus briefer: Chris H.



  • Build-

Has been suffering since the loss of our build coordinator almost six months ago. The new builders aren't getting the support they need and the Build instructors are overworked. Build has not been producing enough systems for adoption and the store.

  • Hardware Grants-

Hardware Grants have been more prolific these last three months than they ever have. Over 50 grants have been fulfilled many with multiple systems and peripherals. Our volunteers are incredible.

  • Warehouse/Recycling:

- Sent 6800 lbs of scrap circuit board to refinery in early December

- One shipment of heatsinks and copper cable has been sent to local scrap yard this month (sent on Dec 8)

  • Store:

- Reegan covering store now

- Not the best month but not terrible either; week of Dec 7 - Dec 11 we averaged $714/day

- Working on establishing responsibilities for store coordination

  • Pickups-

We have started doing pickups again. The costs were

Truck rental including milage $174.00

Fuel. 40.00


Pickup fees. $175.00

20 working LCD monitors 500.00

And other items to sell

Cost will be lower when we get a Corporate account.

Next pickups will be in january

  • H&S-

Warehouse as been very clean.

Starting in Jan, there will be weekly reports

on any concerns.

  • Incoming-

Receiving has been slow but it picked up in the last week.

  • Volunteers-

Volunteers are steady and keeping up with demand. There is concern that we need more volunteers scheduled in the new year as incoming increases. Jessica is working on this.

  • Wholesales-

We've been tracking wholesales with redmine and working on creating and maintaining relationships.

Some things were wholesaled that shouldn't have been, this has been fixed.


  • Check out the finance report for 2010 on wiki. The budget has been tentatively approved for 2011, this will be officially aproved at the AGM in a few months.

  • Grants- Ali and Jessica are working on grants still.


  • Outreach- Free Geek has been on television four times this month. The radio adverts are still running. The VPL event was a success. There are more presentations/talks booked for the new year. Website is being updated to be launch early next year. There have been a few blogs created by volunteers and photo sharing happening.


  • It is a quieter time of year and so staff feel they are coping. When we become very busy in the new year we will need more staff, especially helping to cover build/warehouse which is falling behind.

New business

Bylaw Goals

Bylaw Goals

  • Luke gave an overview of the issues.
  • The proposed ammendments are:

The preceding numbers in parentheses refer to the clause in Schedule B to which each line pertains.

(21) Anyone may propose a resolution, and it need not be seconded (This is existing)

(22) Members shall attempt in good faith to decide by consensus any question that may arise, including resolutions.

(22) If consensus is not reached in a reasonable time as determined by the meeting chair, the question shall be decided by 80% of votes cast.

(23) Corporate members are not entitled to vote

(26) Members shall attempt in good faith to elect directors by consensus.

(26) If consensus is not reached in a reasonable time as determined by the meeting chair, a member may propose the election of one or more nominees, and the proposal shall be decided by 80% of votes cast.

Quorum is not strictly necessary for consensus, but we may wish to adjust it to something more appropriate for an organization of our size.

(16) A quorum of 7 members present is required (instead of 3)

The Society Act makes reference to a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. We may wish to do away with these distinctions:

(18) Any director may chair the meeting (not just the president or vice-president)

(31) Any director may chair the meeting (not just the president)

It is the equal responsibility of all directors to ensure that each other performs their duties (not just the president's)

-Consensus was reached on this proposal with reasearch on closer to consensus governance to continue.

  • Directors' hold-harmless clause-

Directors will reciprocally agree not to hold the each other responsible for any loss, damage, or legal liability

This is a condition for our Directors' insurance policy.

Holiday Hours

  • Close from 24th Dec to Jan 3rd inclusive- Consensus. Staff are to be paid for those extra four days.

Staff Bonus

  • Staff to recieve a $500 bonus (P/T staff to be conpensated proportionately)- Consensus.

  • See Graphics for the new version of the logo, proposed to become the official logo for Free Geek Vancouver- Consensus to accept the new logo.

Incoming RAM

  • Workgroup is going to find solution for this.

Used Cable Sales

This is to be presented by Alishams Hassam.

  • consensus to allow Alec to follow through with this.

Toner Cartridge Downstream

  • We have two options when it comes to toner cartridge downstream.

A: Clover Environmental

US based company that specializes in toner cartridge remanufaturing. What they can not remanufacture get broken down and used in various things like concrete as filler, or is downcycled. Clover will pick up the cartridges from us and pay us an unknown amount for them. Their processing plant is in Georgia.


  • Will take care of logisitics
  • Will pay us for the cartridges
  • EPA approved
  • Will take ALL cartridges


  • American based company means higher carbon taxing logistics
  • Not local
  • Unwilling to give an estimate as to how much they are worth

B: Digitech Laser Solution

Locally based company that has a massive push to be environmental friendly. They took myself (Jordan) and Luke on a tour of their facility, it was very clean considering the line of work they are in. The company is unable to pay us for the cartridges, however going this route would help a local business as well as reduced the amount of carbon spent on transportation.


  • Locally based Vancouver company
  • Strict environmental mandates
  • Lower carbon costs for transportation
  • We can create a relationship with them and connect our customers to lower cost, high quality, laser cartridges.


  • Will not pay us for cartridges
  • Will not take all cartridges, only the ones they can reuse.

  • Proposal to give first pick of toner to digitech and then send the rest to Clover- consensus.

Bike Racks

  • Proposal to bring the back alley bike rack from outside into Free Geek for a two month trial month.


  • Proposal to renew rent for 6 months not 1 year- consensus.

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, January 11th, 2011 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Alisham

Scribe: Jordan