Monthly Meeting - 2010-10-19

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, October 14th 2010 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Jordan E. Luke C. Alishams H. Mike Mcm. Reegan G. Chris H. Mark W. Sherri M. Sean H. (L) Devenne D. (L) Stephen S. (L)


Facilitator: Jordan Eunson
Scribe: Alishams Hassam

Consensus briefing

Luke Cyca.



  • Luke: No graphs too busy.
  • Best month since we've bottomed out, cash-flow wise.
  • Cushion of over $20,000
  • Sales slump last week, low days 400, high days mid 1100
  • Implementing net thirty accounts for customers.


  • Everyday is $10-$20 out, today $8.
  • Recycling revenue not well tracked but fixed in the last week.
  • As things go out, manifest is logged in spreadsheet, when money comes in, Luke tracks.
  • Waiting for 6 skids due to timing issues.


  • Cleaned up floor a lot
  • Gloves we were using not good. Getting proper ones.
  • Getting gloves from Safeway, $2.39 pack of $12.
  • Fire extinguishers need to be inspected.
  • Needs to be done on a day where people not here.
  • Mike will get info from Jax and do it.
  • Do it on Monday
  • Commit: Jax will schedule inspection and Jordan will come in on Monday.


  • Load down to Vancity tomorrow, only thing doing as far as pickups.
  • Replenishing pallets and boxes so they can send us stuff.
  • Shown Saturday tracking system supposed to use. If something we're not going to touch going to Hackery
  • No means or body to transport goods here.
  • Argus pickup for Vancity.
  • All pickups now through redmine.
  • Automatically done?
  • Happening with new stuff possibly, Tyler will know more.
  • All new pickup requests are automatically placed in redmine, Pickups project (Tyler)
  • How is incoming in general?
    • Under capacity.
    • More volunteers.
    • Low.
  • During the week can be slow.


  • Getting ready to ship six pallets out. Sent a couple shipments to North Start this month getting us ~$2300. No more sending them PSU.
  • Sending heat-sinks, CPU fans, ribbon cable, anything with a transformer.
  • $2000 /month from North Star, shipping skids give good revenue.


  • Volunteer interested in implementing ripple system.
  • Problem it would solve, store credit. Ideal system for this.
  • Better handle on what store is doing.
  • Phone system still bad
  • Week.5 ago network meltdown. Stephen fixed issues.
  • Asterisk completely rebuilt, problem is routing.
  • Lousy service for net. Day coming up where we are doing maintenance.
  • Commit: Luke will look up ISP info


  • Volunteer sits at desk and schedules. Just not too many coming in.
  • Intern coming in tomorrow for scheduling.
  • Irregular scheduling.
  • Outreach for more.
  • Commit: Jordan will look into outreach.


  • We have too much incoming, build can only operate so much goes to store. We have huge surplus of build fodder. Reboot purchases computers without drives and been done from overflow so doesn't impact store. Positive cooperation between two entities. Reboot has agreed to send all their e-waste to us. Talking about sending volunteers back and forth.
  • Bare-bones systems, other bits and pieces (eg VGA cables)
  • What is pricing?
    • Regular $25, we do $20 because they buy so much.
  • Two purchases so far. 5 HP clients, and some VGA cables and a couple sata drives.
  • Sounds like they are taking cream of the crap
  • Build will always be #1
  • Needs to be watched closely for the next month or two. If they are skimming too much, implement some way so they don't get it first.
  • This will be the first net 30 account.
  • Luke handling books? Taking care accounts payable?
    • No real good system for that yet so doing it manually. Working to make it better. No policy on things yet, a bit premature since they bought stuff, but a one-off thing.
  • Finance and admin stuff documented, wiki pages up to date.
  • The word wholesale been thrown around, wholesale should mean purchasing in bulk of working gear. We can't sell non-working hardware- against BAN pledge. Even with movie prop sales as we don't know downstream. Cannot sell non-working gear, but top priority.
  • Can we sell batteries? Like laptop batteries.
    • Jax will find out.
    • Need to define working
    • Something we can do, but unclear on. If we are selling broken gear, we just don't want them shipping it off internationally. Need to draw line between something that will be reused rather than recycled.
    • No untested batteries.
    • BAN policies assume large numbers. We are boarder case, so they are having a tough time advising us.
    • Untested mice and keyboards are fine.
    • Air on the side of caution.


  • Volunteers were doing windows repairs, charging and pocketing cash.
  • This was stopped but ongoing.
  • Some people may hold us responsible for job they did. Free Geek could be held liable. Got refund for money he paid.
  • Commit: Jordan will write policies declaring no windows repairs etc....
    • Communications
  • Luke: Next approach will be website.
  • Build skeleton get people to help
  • Kind of get started in the next month.
  • Brand new install of drupal since we are four versions behind.
  • Need PR ninjas.


  • Possible changes to benefits package.
  • Add two employees who currently are not enrolled.
  • Intent is to take benefits down to something more reasonable so part time staff have access. If we are saving money, then give to staff in form of wage increase. Benefits too convoluted, too big, and not well used. Cash in hands is better. Dealt with in staff meeting.


ATM machine

  • Luke: Bringing in ATM/interac machine. Need to use plastic in store
    • Install private ATM machine installed somewhere. Keep policies the same.
    • Get POS terminal. Use credit cards as well. More professional.
  • Jordan: ATM machine is great, but taxing extra not so good for lower SES people. Cash would be transferred electronically.
  • Jax: People don't want to go up to Shell station as not their bank. Push us to get sales system a bit nicer.
  • Sean: Target for another break in?
  • Take steps to implement POS terminal.
  • Mike: If machine stolen are we responsible?
    • Jordan: Not doing it anyway, but only responsible for stuff of ours broken.
  • If fees are what we assume we will go ahead.
  • Would be nice to get discussion on list.
  • Put research on list, if blocked, then deal with it.
  • Commit: Luke will research and put to list/go through with it.

Bylaws work-group

  • There was a preliminary meeting.
  • Info on list.
  • Four goals up on wiki.
  • Go over tentative schedule.
  • Use next couple monthly meetings to hash out more.
  • FG- governance good place to discuss.
  • Mike: When put out to general any negative feedback?
    • Luke: No none.
  • Luke: goals are most important and least contentious.
  • Goals:
    • Define criteria for membership.
      • Open door policy now. Both accepting members and rescinding.
    • Official communication by electronic means
      • rather than using postal mail for agm notice use e-mail
    • Running official meetings by consensus
      • AGM and EGM. Doesn't apply to monthly as they are casual not society meeting.
    • Hold Harmless Clause
      • Directors insurance requires it.
  • Schedule recited (look on list/wiki)
  • EGM will have to be held on Roberts rules legally, schedule B- so we can implement new rules.

Budget Work-group

  • Need one for end of year.
  • Commit: Chris will make announcement and gather people for budget work-group

Roles for Next meeting November 9th

Facilitator: Stephen S.
Scribe: Luke C.


  • Jax will schedule inspection and Jordan will come in on Monday. (OHS)
  • Luke will look up ISP info (Software)
  • Jordan will look into outreach. (Volunteers)
  • Jordan will write policies declaring no windows repairs etc.... (Store)
  • Luke will research and put to list/go through with it. (ATM machine)
  • Chris will make announcement and gather people for budget work-group (Budget work-group)