Monthly Meeting - 2010-09-14

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, September 14th 2010 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • George
  • Caio
  • Luke
  • Alishams
  • Jessica
  • Mike
  • Chris
  • Berny
  • Devenne
  • Jordan (that's me!)

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Alishams Hassam

Scribe: Jordan Eunson

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Chris Hooper




Jessica: build has been going really well. More HW grants out in two weeks than we ever have. Build has been self sufficient and has been going well.

Luke: asks if the QC problems have been going better

Jessica: Build sheets, made them more organized so we have better reporting. Been improving systems so that we're more effective.

Chris: any word about our insane amount of build fodder.

Health and Safety

Jessica: switched to cheap gloves

Mike: has been noticing the area around the fire extinguisher has been clutter. There was a huge stack of fodder that was “shifting” Mike suggests if there is something that violates health and safety that it should be fixed.

Chris: Has a problem with our milk crate shelving units.

Jessica commits to finding a new shelf.


Chris: Have people who phoned in been referred to the website instead of being told we're not doing pickups.

Luke: commits to updating the website.

Reegan: has been accepting all pickups execpt a couple. He says we need a more fair system. Argus has been doing all the pickups. However he does not know the cost. Argus gives us a good price thus the pickupee would be charged double. $75 typically.

Mike: states we pay for our pickups. Differed to agenda.


Working on toner. Two places to recycle toner. ANB toner recycling.

Jordan: commits to finding info for toner recycling.

Reegans: sending more to north star, average 2 pickups per month. They now accept hard drives at 5cents a pound. Power supplies are 20cents a pound.

Mike: is the stuff going to north star more frequent?

Reegan: yes, every two to three weeks.


Luke: trying very hard to get our website updated. First task is to update website engine. Then after which to renew the content and design or whatever.


George: we have been trying to use the wiki to keep a stock list. Overall it's not too bad. We also are getting better trained volunteers so the store coordinator doesn't have to be in the store.

Mike: noticed the store is looking better and the cave is better

Jordan: jordan suckers ali into joining store commmittee.


Jessica: notes incoming volunteers is low. She thought it was going to be horrific after the interns left. It's been the least stressful for her. Everything needs working on of course but things are looking awesome in general.

Mike: To get more volunteers in are you doing any outreach.

Jessica: No, I'm decreasing, lack of some work.

Luke: when the store needs volunteers to run, who is doing it.

Jessica: it's me.

Luke: In general are there two volunteers or one?

Jessica: there was a tragic moment last week when the store coordinator just bailed in the middle of the day.



July was great, August was not so good, there was a slump in the month. Cash flow was positive this month, it was helped by the movie prop sale and $1000 in recycling income. Luke then proceeds to show the class the pretty graphs he made.

George, says the reason is that we had higher prices last year.


Ali says nothing on grants so far. Also Environfund is out cause we're not allowed. It has to be about renewable gardening. Grants don't look so great.


Sales figures are hard to track because of the lag between action and payment.


Ali: WW is going really well, we clean and leave them the way they are for the most part

Luke: has there been any communication with the Ubuntu meetup group.

Ali: Some

  1. ali commits to respond to ubuntu local people.


Jessica: spoke somewhere. Independent thing with VCC

Luke: suggests to do a pechakucha talk, perhaps in 6 months


Ali: updated the wiki

Luke: Do we know people at Portland

Jessica: Yes, Dave and Richard

Ali: Do we have a contact here for Portland.

Ali commits to updating intergalactic.


Reegan: It would be nice to have another staff member, it gets really hectic in warehouse. Thats all i can really... need to say. I love having Mike in on saturdays.

Mike: It's getting busier on Saturday.


Luke: We'd like to explore the idea of having some more staff. Either increasing our or add more people. We're going to talk about on the Thursday meeting. There are a number of policies that are ambiguous and to fix it.

Luke: We're bringing in an ombudsman, Alec. Also, Luke Closs, is to help with bylaws.



Luke: we keep saying we're going to do it but nothing happens. Perhaps we need someone who just chases grants.

Ali: would like to form a work group. I've been trying to do stuff on my own. What do people think of a grants workgroup.

Jordan: I don't like the idea. Of grants, we get dependent on grants. This is bad

Luke: Most grants are for projects and depends on specific things. We get the grant and ear mark it for a project. We have to use our grants to make improvements that we just can't do.

George: why did we get a grant in the first place. We knew there was one but we must have got it for some reason.

Luke: I believe there were two positions that were invented using the money from the grant.

Desiree: Did we not check in?

Luke: The money was for two positions, we had those two positions. The positions should have brought in more cash but it didn't.

Jessica: The positions were for build coordinator and hw grants coordinator. Those two positions will never pay for themselves. We need to hire people for positions we actually need.


Jordan: New proposal for pick-ups. Start an affiliation program where individuals or companies can become drop-off points.

Jordan already has 3 people who have expressed interest in this.

Devenne: What if someone poses as an affiliate but are not?

Jordan: We can list the drop-off points on our website.

George: How much would this cost us?

Jordan: The only costs would be to get the stuff from the drop point back to Free Geek.

Mike: What about the data security when it is held at the drop-off points?

Jessica: We do our best to do our data destruction, but we don't guarentee anything. It should be ok.

Reegan: We could have a lock box.

Chris: We don't want any processing to happen at these drop points.

Can this be at residential and/or commercial places?

Jordan: It would have to be under cover.

Luke: Data privacy polices could extend to these drop points.

Jordan: COMMIT to fleshing out this idea and creating a extensive proposal.

Mike: We could potentially use our own truck rather than argus.


Plan has an initial go ahead from all who attended.

Old Commits

  1. Mike commits to finding out about what other FG's do with pick up's.
  2. Mike commits to showing Reegan where the pickup list and passwd
  3. Ali has to write cell phone procedures
  4. Ali to update meeting template


  1. Jessica commits to finding a new shelf.
  2. Luke commits to updating the website.
  3. Jordan commits to finding info for toner recycling.
  4. Ali commits to respond to ubuntu local people.
  5. Ali commits to updating intergalactic.
  6. Jordan commits to inventing a Free Geek Alliance Program. (the name needs some work, don't ya think?)

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Jordan 'The Brain' Eunson

Scribe: Jessica 'The Borg Queen' Mason