Monthly Meeting - 2010-05-11

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Chris H., Ken, Jon, Patrick, Drea, Brian, Alec, Devenne, Arielle (late)

Explanation of roles

Facilitator: Chris H.

Scribe: Ken

Consensus briefing

Consensus briefer: Name



(Build, Health and Safety, Pick-ups, Recycling, Software, Store, Volunteers)


  • Build Coordinator is on leave and a Support Volunteer is covering during his absence.
  • Massive turnover of stock (over 100 systems). Most sold wholesale. Some grant action happening as well.

Health and Safety

  • Concerns from the Warehouse Coordinator about items from dismantled cases falling on him. Work being done to halt problem (retraining).
  • Heath and Safety report for AGM currently currently being drafted.
  • Concerns about the fire safety of the present facility. Focus on accomplishing fire safe/evacuation safe that meets standards required by law.


  • Pickups are suspended for the time being. Cost believed to be greater than benefit.


  • Roughly 200t of material has passed through Free Geek since July 2009.
  • Expected to grow as new corporate donations become available.


  • Concern about too many volunteers coming down to the store. Difficult to manage while attending to normal business.
  • Items scrapped in store constantly returning to store from production.


(Budget, Grants, Sales)


  • 2010 Budget passed


  • [information missing]


  • Monthly sales down from last month
  • Tracking system is not a perfect science as of yet.


(Education, Events/Media, Intergalactic)


  • Video in progress promoting Free Geek.


  • Toronto Free Geek up and running.


  • Production Coordinator/Wholesaler position reviewed
    • Changed to Operations Coordinator & Hired
  • Administration Coordinator
    • Hired
  • Question about absence of Ebay Store
    • Issues of time required to run, and budgeting shortfalls which make an Ebay store difficult to manage at this time.
    • Loose fitting inventory system not adequate to facilitate a store of that nature. Free Geek simply does not have the warehousing capability.

Old business

Annual General Meeting

Jon has committed to the coordination of this meeting and is currently awaiting confirmation of the room booking. We are looking at the end of May for holding the AGM. Notices will be posted and sent out to the General List once all information has been confirmed.


  • Sunday, May 30th 2-5pm.
  • Check options about having a meal onsite.
  • Call to directors and new directors immediately.


With the addition of the "Donations" collection box at receiving; donations have been increasing dramatically. It has been requested that the wording on the donation box be changed to "Suggested Donations".


  • Changed reporting frequency of donations

New business

Store revenue and readiness

Can we please get a confirmation of whether the store revenue reported is gross or net? The target was always pointing at the net revenue since a good chunk of the gross has to be rendered in taxes. I think it's a mistake to think of the sales tax as anything but money FG is temporarily holding.

On that note, is FG ready for HST? Will it cover all store sales?


  • HST readiness
    • Prices to reflect HST (12%)

Posting Meeting Minutes

The scribe is suppose to send General monthly meeting minutes to the Staff mailing list first to have them checked before they can be sent to the General mailing list and subsequently posted to the Free Geek Wiki.


  • Review how meeting minutes are posted to respective mailing lists
    • General items: to STAFF list for review, then to WIKI for archiving
    • Staff items: to STAFF list for review, then to WIKI for archiving
  • Keep meeting minutess to respective mailing lists (production meetings, build meetings, etc)
  • Motion to Policy this officially.

Expanding Free Geek

I propose that Free Geek consider forming annexes to the main Vancouver organization. It would be a given that whoever hosts These "Little Geeks" understands and adheres to Free Geek precepts.

Issues like physical accessibility could be resolved, in the short term and without breaking the bank. I have Cerebral Palsy and use an electric scooter for mobility, so physical access to HQ has always been on the top of my personal list.

Setting up of a forum to discuss the requirements and criteria for a new space in the event the Free Geek Vancouver is able to expand. It will not be discussion of what those requirements and criteria, only where they will be discussed.

Also, organizing more outreach and pick-up events.


  • Addressed current access issues/limitations
    • Previous discussion
  • Satellite free geek to provide access to computer recycling for people unable to volunteer due to access/egress limitations.
  • Portable Windowless Wednesday (type format) in which a Linux pro would go out to areas 1 night a week and give free help to those that need it.
  • Primary focus:
    • Outreach pickup events and other organizations to participate
    • Offering space to teach courses, low cost/no cost meeting space for groups.
  • Touched on new facility idea and deliberated.
  • Sent to mailing list for debate/deliberation.

Date for preparing Budget

I would like to propose that Free Geek set a constant time that future budgets are prepared and adopted.

I would like to suggest they be started in November of the preceding year, ready as an item on the following December General meeting, and confirmed by the end of the year.


  • Firm date proposed for budget finalization
  • Sent to mailing list for discussion/deliberation.

Vancouver Free Geek Gallery

Collecting the various links, the "Vancouver Free Geek Gallery" could be created. Entertaining, educational, and who knows at some point, maybe even some small gallery around the lower mainland might be willing to host an installation [with working free geek systems] of the computers used around the world in various cultures. Perhaps tied in with some other event.


  • Free Geek Vancouver Facebook group.
  • sent to mailing list for discussion/debate.



Next meeting

When: Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Where: Free Geek Vancouver, 1820 Pandora St., back door


Facilitator: Name

Scribe: Name