Monthly Meeting - 2010-02-09

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, February 9th 2010 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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George L. (Facilitator), Mike Mc, Joshua C. Brian L., Marco G. Jeff E., Chris H. (Scribe), Bernie K., Devenne D.
late: Raul V., Alec S., Simon P., Alex F.

Consensus briefing

Delivered by George.



  • Patrick resigned as Store Coordinator; George acting replacement
  • Ifny resigned as Outreach Coordinator; duties redistributed to Staff and Directors
  • hiring: Production Coordinator position
  • hiring: Store Coordinator position
    • posted on Wiki but not on front page of web-site
    • CORRECTION: Build Coordinator position posted to Wiki
  • staff busy with receiving and volunteers
  • Jane hired temporarily for administrative assistance


  • discussions between staff and directors (regarding staff/directors meeting, i.e. the adoption of several proposals:
    • What to do if something can't be resolved within the staff group? It was agreed that it can come to the directors; the directors will first attempt to mediate, and if that fails, will impose a solution that is binding upon staff.
    • HR: HR duties given to staff.
    • Accountability: Use of Roundup tracker for staff commits (which is supposed to have commenced already...)
    • Reporting: Issues i.e. conflicts with customers should be reported via email to the board for record-keeping.


  • approximately $16,000
    • George will provide exact figure to scribe after meeting.
January 2010
total: $16,149.35
retail: $12,004.19
wholesale: $3707.16

Old business

Previous commits

  • commit from Alec about Public Forum Code of Conduct on mailing list is complete
  • numbers from Free Geek's accountant considered part of raise explanation below
  • carry forward Jessica's signs, Chris's mail

Staff Raise

  • miscommunication from Staff meeting to General meeting about information provided by Free Geek's accountant
  • raise rolled back to $0.50 from $1.00
  • considered non-controversial, so did not wait to implement

New business

  • none
  • report that pick up fees have been raised
    • pick up rates posted (website or Wiki?)
  • Suggestion and discussion about Free Geek using "green Internet search engine" for the public terminals.
    • COMMIT: Alec to look at search engine.
  • Suggestion and discussion about decorating computers?
    • considered an exciting idea
    • does not fit Free Geek's current business model
  • Question about wholesale versus individual sales?
    • Free Geek's current state of sales explained.
  • Question about Free Geek canvasing corporations for volunteers?
    • Employees of corporate donors tend to volunteer with Free Geek on their own.
    • Outreach to universities and colleges suggested.
  • Question about Free Geek reclaiming precious metals on its own.
    • Free Geek not setup as smelter or electro-chemical reclamation facility.


COMMIT: Alec to look check "green Internet search engine".

Next meeting

When: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St, back door

Facilitator: Devenne
Scribe: Joshua
Consensus briefer: n/a