Monthly Meeting - 2009-12-08

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, December 8th 2009 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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Facilitator: George Leung
Scribe: Devenne Drege
Consensus briefer: Jessica Mason


George L., Ifny L., Bernie, Alec S., Devenne D., Jessica M-P, Josh C., Christine H., Chris H., Ashley S. (late)

Consensus briefing

Jessica explains consensus.
If we agree, we keep quiet. If we disagree, we talk about it until consensus is reached. The Facilitator keeps the meeting on track and ensures the agenda items are discussed. The Regulator helps the Facilitator maintain a speaker list. The Scribe records minutes for the meeting so everyone can see them.


Ifny asks the group which reports they want to hear, in addition to the staff report. Not all workgroup reports are always necessary.


Presented by Ifny L.

  • Free Geek will be on the cover of this Friday's The Courier.
  • The auction for the museum collection was opened the past weekend.
    • The legacy hardware is still open.


No report this month


Presented by George L.

  • Earnings from the store
    • Net: $14,268.07
    • Retail: $10,933
    • Wholesale: $3,142
    • Donations: $191.50
  • 19 days open
  • Alec asks if the wholesale number is from the store.
    • Yes.

Presented by Ifny L.

  • Operating Account
    • $29,958.04
  • USD Chequing Account
    • $1,700 USD
  • Cashable Term Deposit
    • $3,500
    • $1,600 for a philanthropic project (future)


No report this month

Directors Report

Presented by Alec and Chris

  • Alec welcomes the two new directors, Chris Hooper and David Repa.
    • Directors will be meeting this Sunday and have had other meetings in the past.
  • Chris reports that the director's insurance application was submitted.
  • Alec reports a minor exchange between directors and staff occurred over the past month.
    • A staff decision caused some director concerns.
      • Directors generally are quiet, but should step in if they think there's a case of liability.
    • Staff and directors will be communicating and working to clarify decision making.


Presented by Ifny

  • Geoff isn't leaving Free Geek.


Presented by Ifny and Jessica

  • Ifny reports staff are working on creating more project time by making communication more efficient and effective.
  • Ifny also reports staff have agreed to using their own vacation days to make the holidays longer, and ease the financial burden on Free Geek.
  • Jessica reports that Geoff and herself are being trained on hardware grants.
  • Jessica confirms that staff are working with directors on decision making and to improve communication in general.


No report this month


No report this month


No report this month


No report this month

Old business

Public Forum Code of Conduct -- organization-wide adoption

Alec recaps what happened.

  • Some didn't review the policy prior to the October meeting, so adoption was postponed.
  • The decision to accept the policy didn't get on the agenda from last meeting.
  • The policy now needs official acceptance.


  • George asks if there are any objections.
    • Josh says he stands aside.
      • We remind him what consensus means.
      • Josh understands, and he consents to the group's decision.
  • Alec asks if politics and religion have been included in the policy.
    • Ifny responds that we are adopting the policy as a living document. Governance can make amendments to the policy.
  • Alec asks how that would work.
    • Ifny answers that if the policy is accepted, then it would be up to the governance work group to maintain it.
  • Alec thinks amendment proposals to this document should go to the general mailing list.
    • Ifny proposes amendments to the code of conduct should be mailed to the governance mailing list. When the governance work group updates the document, they will send notice of the updates to the governance mailing list.
  • Christine asks who is on the governance work group.
    • Ifny says the work group is essentially made up of the mailing list members. Anyone can join or come to meetings. She looks at the mailing list subscription; there are 15 people subscribed. She can't give out people's email addresses.

CONSENSUS: The group accepts the Public Forum Code of Conduct as a living document. Any amendments to the document should be mailed to the governance mailing list. Governance will maintain the policy. They will send notice of updates to the general mailing list.

Bernie asks what "the FGDB" is.

  • Ifny answers it's the software (database) that holds volunteer numbers, hours, etc.

New business

Screening process for Receiving and Dismantling

Presented by Joshua


  • Ifny is really happy this was brought to the general meeting. It could also be considered an operations issue but it is really important/critical to FG overall.
    • This came up at last week's staff meeting, and staff would like to investigate hiring a new position, the Production Coordinator, to try and help with this problem.
      • A Production Coordinator would pay for themselves since they would spot the valuable gear, like Josh and others have noticed.
  • Devenne thinks this sounds good, but wonders what happened to the Education Coordinator position.
    • Ifny says staff decided the Education Coordinator wouldn't be rehired.
      • The position from the VanCity grant was for "Hardware Grant Coordinator", and the staff decided the responsibilities would be transferred to other staff.
  • Alec asks whether the staff agreed to present this position at this general meeting.
    • Ifny answers no, this is in the earliest stage of discussion, but wanted to let the membership know that staff were aware and working on solutions... but everyone supported Joshua's email and there was consensus to pursue the idea.
    • Jessica says staff aren't ready to formally present the idea.
      • Ifny says a formal decision can't be made immediately anyway since there is no proposal to hire a new position. The proposal today is for the group to ask staff to research and make a formal proposal regarding hiring a Production Coordinator at the next meeting.
  • Christine asks when Ifny says "pay for itself", does this mean this position will help with Free Geek's anticipated revenue?
    • Ifny responds, "Yes". Items like in Josh's email, viable systems, servers, and more are getting destroyed too frequently.
  • Alec (trying to make directors and staff clear) asks Ifny about the consensus she said staff have reached. He did not see consensus for this while reviewing the staff minutes.
    • Alec thinks this shouldn't be considered right now.
    • Jessica says the minutes are still in draft form, so they haven't been finalized yet.
      • Alec requests we not say there was consensus, since this is not in the staff's minutes.
  • Bernie asks whether they will be able to pay for everyone's salary.
    • Ifny says we're doing OK financially but not spectacular. Staff think the position will help profits a ton.

CONSENSUS: Staff can present a proposal at another meeting.


COMMIT: Ifny will add a link to the Public Forum Code of Conduct that displays when people sign up for Free Geek mailing lists.
COMMIT: Alec will send a message with a link to the Public Forum Code of Conduct to the general mailing list.


  • Jessica asks if someone can commit to sending a message to the general mailing list about the adopted Public Forum Code of Conduct.
    • Ifny will commit to adding a link to the policy that displays when people sign up for mailing lists.
    • Ifny asks if directors could send a message to the general list.
      • Christine says the message shouldn't have to come from the directors, since they didn't all have a role writing it.
        • Alec agrees.
        • Ifny is uncomfortable if the directors aren't willing to stand behind it.
      • Alec will send a message with a link to the policy to the general mailing list.
    • Ifny also asks if directors could consider a role of moderating the public forums, so that she is not the only one.
      • Her point is compliance. Ifny doesn't want to always be involved in compliance or perceived to be the only one involved with compliance. She wants to see a community of compliance.
  • Alec thinks if people's names are mentioned when not present, they should be notified specifically to make sure consensus is reached.
    • Jessica asks what the relevance is to the original question.
  • George restates the question: who will send a message regarding the new code of conduct to the general mailing list?
    • Alec will send the message to general.
  • Jessica feels the discussion is going on too long, and is concerned there is a lack of understanding about how consensus works at FG.
    • Ifny says this discussion item should probably go to the next meeting.

Next meeting

When: January 12th, 2010 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St., back door

Facilitator: Joshua C.
Scribe: Chris H. (on condition of an available laptop)
Consensus briefer: TBA