Monthly Meeting - 2009-06-09

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, June 9th 2009 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Facilitator: Chris
  • Scribe: Gregor
  • Consensus briefer: Joe
  • Regulator: Luke


Chris H., Mitchell, Stephen S., Ifny, Alec, Gregor, Devenne, Esam, David H., Jane, Alex, Luke, Joe B., Christine, Ashley (late)

Previous Commitments

  • Simon to obtain information from Ifny and send directors insurance forms to Cooperators
    • waiting for director orientation (sun 14-jun-09,1900), Jane is going to remind Simon, Alec will remind Boris to bring forms on Sunday
  • Alex to update meeting process in wiki
    • done
  • Ifny commits to adding minute checker checklist to the wiki
    • not done, carry over to next meeting
  • Ifny commits to doing a writeup on the legal feedback she got on staff conflict/discipline for the general list
    • Ifny has writeup, will be posted.
  • Alec commits to being more active about giving support, especially to volunteer coordinator
    • not done
  • Ifny commits to writing director nominations solicitation email
    • done
  • Luke to bring big visible chart material to Free Geek potluck on Saturday, May 24th
    • done


  • Build program
    • testing of Volunteers for build just started, can't sell computers as

fast as we build (less build and less sold than last month), restarting grant program soon, need better tracking, no inventory control in build, Stephen will enter data in database if he gets shown how to do it, outgoing machines from build are logged in binder

  • Operations
    • n/a, next meeting 23-jun-09
  • Production
    • see staff report
  • Store meeting

- Sales declined, laptops sales down, no promotions right now. 11900$ sales May, target was 12k

  • Staff report
    • temp. Volunteer Coordinator Esam introduces himself.
    • Education Coordinator Jane introduces herself.
    • Jamie left 30-jun-09, Tyler filling in
    • rented new temporary storage space
    • Volunteer intake form has changed
    • staff is thinking about asking for extension (6 months?) for provisionally approved grant (97k) or to reject it due to complex reporting system required and short time line (15-jun-09).
    • proposal (Luke): pass issue back to directors and staff to make final decision about this grant - blocked
consensus to pass it on to later this meeting
  • Events

see mailing list

Outstanding (Old) business

May Day

How and whether to pay full and part time staff for May day international workers holiday this year, and in future,

  • no developments

Standardize meeting minutes

Proposed to be bumped to top of this month's agenda, Monthly_Meeting_-_2009-05-12#Standardize_meeting_minutes

  • minutes checker list will be posted

Hiring production coordinator (Ryan)

Bumped to this month, [[Monthly Meeting - 2009-05-12#Hiring production coordinator (Ryan)]]

  • deferred due to lack of time and job description

Why are folks unhappy at Free Geek? (Megan)

Bumped to this month, [[Monthly Meeting - 2009-05-12#Why are folks unhappy at Free Geek? (Megan)]]

Leave as final agenda item? Brainstorm "Reasons" and "Remedies"?

  • Proposals (Joe): passing this item on to different venue and (ifny)

rephrasing question. -consensus

  • Proposal (Ifny): no more carry over of agenda items, have to be reproposed.
    • consensus

New opportunities (business)



Presentation by Luke C. Staff are requested for some metrics to start some charts.

  • carry over to next meeting

=== Provisionally accepted grant - 2nd Round Staff decision on last meeting to ask for extension, uncertainty over data required, general discomfort about meeting requirements (15-jun-09)

  • proposal (Joe): 15min max, otherwise if no reasonable extension we decline.
    • blocked
  • proposal (Joe): to investigate, what was going wrong in the grant
  • process and (Ifny) not decline grant if extended.
  • proposal (Esam): decline money, try it next year again, investigate

what went wrong.

  • proposal (Ashley): accept the extension if over 4 month - consensus

Next meeting

  • When: Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Where: Free Geek, 1820 Pandora St, back door
  • Facilitator: Gregor
  • Scribe: Alex
  • Consensus briefer: Alex