Monthly Meeting - 2008-11-04

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, November 4th 2008 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Consensus briefer: ???
  • Facilitator: Ifny
  • Regulator: ???
  • Scribe: Ryan Y.
  • Minutes checker: ???

Old Business

Also includes commitments from previous meetings

  • First aid
  • Directors' insurance
COMMIT: Ifny to send the forms to Sean H
COMMIT: Sean H to email the directors list with a meeting suggestion
COMMIT: Luke to add encouragement to the thread
  • Free Geek upcoming 2nd birthday
COMMIT: Ifny to send an email about FG's birthday: suggesting a meeting in late october for a birthday party committee meeting.
  • Changed mission statement
COMMIT: Ifny to update the website, and notify intergalactic, and send separate email to general list.
  • Health benefits
COMMIT: Ifny to research benefits


Presentations, work group updates

  • Financial Report
  • Upcoming events
  • Staff
  • Operations
  • Intergalactic

New Business

  • Choose facilitator and scribe for upcoming meeting.
  • Proposal by Sean H.: delay implementation of 2nd staff raise/benefits
Proposal Summary

Given the current economic situation and uncertainty with future revenues, it is proposed that Free Geek delay implementation of the staff raise from $12 to 12.50 and the staff benefits until January 2009 for further review.

Proposal Details

A previous decision had been made to implement a raise from $12 to $12.50 effective November 1, 2008. Due to low prices on recyclable materials and a high salary expense month, Free Geek will likely be posting a loss for October. There is also a great deal of uncertainty about the greater economic picture, and while the store's revenue has been climbing, it will likely plateau for October. Finally, we have recently increased our staffing contingent and taken on a greater expense as a result.

As we are uncertain of the near future of revenues, and given the financial loss for the month of October, this proposal suggests we delay implementation of the raise and benefits for 2 months upon which we will review the financial situation and make a further determination.

Last Minute Items

This item was submitted after the deadline; according to FG meeting policy, "Agenda items raised after the 1 week cut-off can be added to the meeting agenda, or postponed, at the Facilitator and group's discretion. This discretion rests particularly in consideration of time constraints during the meeting, as well as sudden or urgent matters that may have arisen."

Proposal Summary (by Sean H.)

Free Geek should provide the following workshops for staff over Nov/Dec:

  • Consensus: $150
  • Non-violent Communication: $250
  • Horizontal Organizing: $250
Proposal Details

Free Geek has a great need to provide staff with guidance on organising in a non-hierarchical fashion. We have said much about how we want it to be, but nothing about how to get there.

Our new Volunteer Coordinator has suggested these workshops and negotiated a substantial discount.

The cost would be $400 for two workshops for the month of November and $250 for the month of December