Monthly Meeting - 2008-09-09

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Public meeting minutes for 2008-09-09 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Marcel
  • Ryan (Facilitator)
  • Luke (Scribe)
  • Ifny
  • Bernie
  • Adam (Consensus Briefer)
  • Etie
  • Len
  • John - store coordinator
  • Mike - staff driver



  • Done

Consensus Intro

  • Done by Adam++

Old Business

  • First Aid
    • Ifny++ will try to do hers this month
    • Ryan hasn't done his, he's off the list
    • Adam is off for 2 weeks, so we may not have have OFA level 1
      • Ifny to try to get in soon
  • Directors Insurance
    • A director volunteered (Pete) to move the process forward
    • Other directors stepped up and all drop the ball on each other
    • Luke peer pressured to harass Pete about insurance
  • Luke inquires about the new FG satellite office
    • Laptop repair has been highly productive
    • New space coming online
    • LCD's being repaired, sales are up reflecting the repaired
  • Mission statement change
    • facilitation/timelines broke down, didn't happen for this meeting
    • Could be proposed for next meeting
  • FG Intergalactic update
    • someone from Toronto is coming to Vancouver this month for a visit
    • Underway: All freegeeks must report who their recyclers are, deadlines being proposed
    • Discussion about other intergalactic operations ...
    • Ottawa is still eager to make a FG, still processing, looking good ...
  • Potluck "was cool"
  • FG is still hiring a volunteer coordinator

New Business

  • We're in this week's Georgia Straight - a pretty good article
    • Some airbrushing of armpit hair was done by the Straight
    • On CBC newsworld
    • BCIT Journalism students coming here tomorrow

Events Upcoming

  • Wednesday, Sept 24th - Sustainability Fair at SFU
    • They want us to come, Ifny needs some volunteers
  • BCIT is having a Wellness fair, would love to have us
    • Wednesday, October 1st
    • Ifny needs a volunteer
  • FreeGeek's 2 year birthday is:
    • November the 1st (1st meeting)
    • Dec the 6th (incorporated as a non-profit)
    • Maybe combine this with the Holiday party
  • We just signed up our 600th volunteer!
  • Lots of educational workshops on the calendar - check it out!
    • Ryan++ is looking forward to teaching more
    • Website is down at meeting time
  • Sims' proposal discussion
    • NOTE: not an official agenda item, no decision made.
    • Ifny++ reviews Sim's email
    • Chronic problems: Minutes are not done well, reminders don't go out, schedule not followed
    • Ifny++ usually takes the ball to remind facilitators, and send emails out, but she doesn't always have the time to do this. Ifny suggests that we keep allowing volunteers to take positions, but that the minutes checker is a staff member.
    • Suggestion to take an audio recording for the meeting? Concerns about privacy, too much transcribing work
    • Ryan likes the idea of keeping the minutes checking done by staff, automating tasks would help.
    • Luke suggests that when assigning the facilitator, we make sure they know what is expected of them
    • Ryan++ to create some cron jobs for reminders
    • Ifny willing to continue being the reminder person, when needed
  • Next Meeting October 14th
    • Facilitator: Marcel
    • Scribe: Luke (needs to double check calendar)

Action Items

  • Ifny to get first aid - OFA level 1
  • Luke to harass Pete/Directors about directors insurance (done)
  • Luke to post last months notes on the wiki to Ifny (done)
  • Luke to send this months notes -on the wiki- to Ifny (done)