Monthly Meeting - 2008-08-12

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Public meeting minutes for Tuesday, August 12th 2008 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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1. David - Facilitator 2. Bernie 3. Richard 4. Sean 5. John - Regulator 6. Ifny 7. Mike 8. Adam 9. Ryan S - Temp Scribe (Joe was late) 10. Len 11. Bill - Minute Checker 12. Joe - (Arrived at 7:00 PM)

Agenda: Old Business

Next Meeting: Ryan S will be facilitating, Scribe is still open

First Aid:

Adam completed First Aid Course COMMIT - Someone will follow up with Ryan if he is scheduled. (No name on this commit)


COMMIT - Sean Hill will talk to directors

Budget Metting:

Summary: Free Geek is doing well. Free Geek has been able to get 2 raises over the past six months and produce a benefits package.

Contingency Meeting:

  • Store Coordinator has been Hired. His name is John

Past Events:

  • Free Geek attended Folkfest and Workshops.

Financial Report:

  • John has indicated that the Net Income of the store is at $12,000, with the profit at $1300.

Brad Mills of Mills: They will donate recycling fee for donations they recieve??


  • Sean Reports that there is currently a grant in process for $43,000 from VanCity

(Joe arrives at 7:00 PM and takes over for Ryan S)

New Items:

New Space: David

  • David is currently needing the space for laptops and LCD repair. In addition, he

wants FreeGeek to rent the space to be used for EBay Storage. This would allow for the EBay Coordinator to sell the items more efficiently, and would also allow for the store to have a stock-room instead of storage spaces

Disadvantages to the plan:

  • There will be two spaces, and therefore running back and forth sucks

FreeGeek will be paying $300 rent to David, who currently runs the space

Discussions about the new space in the downstairs being used for both a stock room, and a meeting space for interviews took place.

David plans on working with other volunteers in the new space to get the LCDs and Laptops moving faster, since they are the major moneymakers for FreeGeek. David reports that the new space is month-to-month, and that there's no obligation to FreeGeek

Sean Hill reports that FreeGeek can in fact afford the $300/month rent.

Ifny mentions the situation with Pedal, and it is noted that FG needs to talk to Pedal about their space situation.

The Use of the 2nd location will be a temporary measure for FreeGeek until space becomes available at the Pandora St. location.

Decision: FreeGeek decided to lease the space temporarily from David at $300/month provided that it doesn't need 30 days notice and that they can move in as soon as it is conveient for Free Geek.

Late Items:

Mission Statement:

  • Ifny wishes to change the mission statement to the following:

Free Geek is a not for profit community organisation that reduces the environmental impact of waste electronics, while recycling used technology to provide computers, education, Internet access and job skills training to those in need, in exchange for community service.

  • Ifny wants to incorporate the Environmental and Social Benefits and Activites of

FreeGeek in the Mission Statement to assist with grant proposals, and to better reflect what FreeGeek does.

  • Ifny also believed that there was a need to incorporate Free Software
  • Richard from FG-PDX indicated that the Mothership (FreeGeek Portland, FG-PDX) created

its mission statement before the Free Software decision was made.

  • Everyone appeared to agree that principles should not conflict with the mission statement
  • David wants to see it be Free and Open Source Software
  • Bill disagrees, and wants Open Source to be removed because of a belief that the term is disengenous
  • Mike asked about the statements on the generic business cards. Ifny indicated that

she wrote it to be a pamphlet, not a mission statement

  • Joe talks about the grey areas involved in the Free and Open Debate. Cites Mozilla

and dual licensing and trademarks as an example

  • David feels that this should be tabled due to the Free/Open Source debate
  • Richard (FG-PDX) steps in and says that we haven't addressed the whole issue, and

that we need to establish that consensus has been reached on other parts of the mission statement as well

  • Richard also indicates that this will be going out to the Outside World
  • Ifny mentions that there may not be enough room in the mission statement to describe

all the software FG uses

  • Ifny would like to have a decision, but will read the drafts with no mention of


  • David wants to see more input in the mission statement
  • Bill mentions that the mission statement can be revised in the future
  • Ifny thinks that it could be moved to September but that something should be

put forward

  • Agenda Item will be a single item from the list

Richard - FG Mothership (PDX)

  • State of the Mothership
  • 8 years as of Sept 1
  • 14 paid collective staff
  • Total staff on payroll - 29
  • 700 Volunteers are getting a discount (active)
  • Must volunteer at some point in the last 90 days
  • FG-PDX pays $7000/monthly for 17,000 sq ft
  • FG-PDX has a rough budget of $750,000
  • 50% from store
  • 1/6 donations, 1/6 fees, 1/6 recycling
  • Fees are still charged for montiors at FG-PDX, unlike FG-YVR
  • FG-PDX has 12 Committees
  • Space Usage and Priorities Committee keeps track of all the good ideas
  • FG hired a Community PR person
  • Negotiated as a Committed, Non-Collective person
  • Bought truck, put slogan on it
  • FG-PDX - Connecting our Community, one computer at a time
  • August 23rd - FG-PDX Street Fair
  • FG-PDX is running out of space
  • FG-PDX may be opening another day during the holiday season
  • FG-PDX gets the store open, then opens other parts of FG for operation
  • Portland has E-Wast legislation that starts Jan 1, 2009, similar to BC ESABC
  • FG-PDX calls this time "The Weirdness"
  • FG-PDX is setting a groundwork for a 4 year plan
  • FG-PDX is pursuing corporate donations, because of the ability to produce homogenous systems
  • FG-PDX is investigating the possibility of creating two different type of stores
  • Intergalactic
  • 2 FreeGeeks have paid staff (FG-PDX, FG-YVR)
  • Michiana may not grow past it's current state
  • Colombus may be growing, not certain
  • Minneapolis - Does not have space as of yet
  • FreeGeek Portland is looking to defend the FreeGeek Trademark
  • needs to be grabbed from the domain squatters
  • Trademark in Canada has been filed


  • Potluck tomorrow night at 304 Victoria Drive
  • FreeGeek is still hiring
  • Toner is being incinerated
  • FreeGeek no longer accepts Toner & Ink Carts