Monthly Meeting - 2008-04-08

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Public meeting minutes for 2008-04-08 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Kim
  • Marcel
  • Mark
  • SeanH
  • Ifny
  • Luke
  • Ryan
  • Simon
  • Bernie
  • Sim


  • Facilitator: Ifny
  • Regulator: Sean
  • Scribe: Ryan
  • Minutes Checker: Luke
  • Consensus briefer: Ifny


Old Business

Previous commits from March:

  • 7pm - April 10 - Ubuntu SIG release party
    • Consensus: FG can host the release party
  • Matthew Photography reminder, discussion
    • Commit: Ifny to distribute contract more widely
  • Sales on Ebay picking up - David and Jax
  • First aid training, no update
    • Commit: Ryan will figure out where to take first aid cert
  • Debt to David paid back (~$350 of interest)
  • FG now has 4 paid positions - review in June
  • Director's Insurance
    • Commit: Ifny to email directors to get bios
  • Adoption Class
  • Massive - "Busiest booth at the show", was on Breakfast TV, lots of interest and made some great connections. Big thanks to everyone who helped out, story on the website soon.
  • FG T-shirts are available, sweatshop free, manufactured in Calgary, printed in Vancouver.
  • 1.25" handmade buttons - $1 each

Logo request from Thunderbird Robotics

Marcel presents:

Thunderbird Robotics Team create unmanned vehicle projects and other projects want to put the Free Geek logo on some of their gear, as thanks for the equipment we have granted in the past.

Current projects include soccer bots and "cone chasers".

Previously this group asked to use Free Geek logo in DARPA-sponsored contest, which Free Geek declined. (DARPA == Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency)

Concern was raised about FG logo being used on military-related projects. Marcel assures that the robots group is not pursuing military challenges.

Agreed: Thunderbird projects that wish to use the FG logo should send a description of the project and a picture of the suggested placement to the fg-general mailing list. This should give FG members chance for discussion of any problems with the projects. This agreement is not a sponsorship of the Thunderbird Robotics projects. FreeGeek requests that the logo not be used on any military projects.

Hardware grants to the robotics group are independent of the usage of Free Geek logo. Free Geek provides hardware grants without expectations of thanks or promotion.

Financial Report

Please link to the financial report here

March was $953 operating loss.

  • rent+utils+massive+payroll+shipping
  • Store had a slow month
  • Recycling was zero

$2000 profit for the first quarter.

Liability taken off books: debt to David paid off - $350 in interest

Total liabilities are $175 owing out.

FG has reserve: $6500

Payroll budgeted at $4500/month.

  • FG has to pay cpp, tax, etc for employees
  • employees cost more than we budgeted for!
  • ```things are tight financially```
  • recycling revenue coming in throughout this month will help a lot

No ebay money in the bank yet - sitting in paypal account - $460

  • EBay looks to be a promising revenue source

We have a backlog of equipment and recycling, which should help with money situation next month.

If we get low on money, what is the plan?

  • Hires were made with the understanding that it was an experiment, and that it is possible for them to not get paid or take voluntary pay cuts. Will review situation in June.

Budgetary Policy

Sean presented an idea on budgetary policy.

The Budget should be drafted operationally, by the paid employees of FG for their respective areas of the business.

  • Sean suggests that the operations folks should develop a balanced budget, and then bring it to the group as a complete freestanding document

We need to have the budget redone.

Sean thinks directors should have input into budget on longer term strategic direction.

Commit: Sean to talk to operations about a budget meeting

Proposal for Agenda Proposal

Sim presents his Agenda Proposal.

The group discussed points of the issue, and came to consensus that we should adopt the proposal as follows:

  • Meeting minutes from the last monthly meeting should be sent out to the general mailing list no later than 5 days after the meeting, and posted to the wiki.
  • 2 weeks prior to a monthly meeting the upcoming facilitator sends an announcement asking for agenda items
  • Proposals and other agenda items are sent to the mailing list for review and discussion
  • All agenda items should be sent to the mailing list before 1 week prior to the meeting
  • The upcoming meeting Facilitator assembles an agenda on the wiki, and 5 days before the meeting (Thursday prior to the 2nd Tuesday) emails the general list with a meeting reminder and a copy of the agenda
  • Agenda items raised after the 1 week cut-off can be added to the meeting agenda, or postponed, at the Facilitator and group's discretion. This discretion rests particularly in consideration of time constraints during the meeting, as well as sudden or urgent matters that may have arisen.


Simon asks about the current bylaws - he doesn't want us to forget about them.

Sean responds: we currently have default bylaws - draft bylaws exist, but haven't been touched in a while. Draft bylaws are on the wiki, but they need attention. There are legal concerns that would require a lawyer's review.

Directors should have some interest in this topic.

There is no hard timeline for this project, but a good time frame may be to have it sorted for the next AGM (2009).

Proposal for Recruitment of Meeting Roles

Following the Agenda Proposal discussion, the following process improvements reached consensus:

Agreed: The facilitator and scribe for the next meeting will now be chosen at the previous meeting.

Sign for Video Camera

It's going up.

Proposal for Selling/Distributing Proprietary Software

Group decided to postpone this topic.

Sim said he would block any proposals to sell or distribute proprietary software.

Montagny for Media Recycling

Group decided not to discuss this topic due to lack of time and information.

BAN Pledge

FG is now BAN certified as a eSteward (link?)

Just some last paperwork & then we can use the logo on our website.

FG must notify them if:

  • recyclers change
  • if "management changes"
  • if we get a new facility with different downstream

There will be a press conference.

Commit: Ifny to follow up about "management", post notices and info about this to the list.

The work was done by Ifny, David and BAN themselves over the past year. The group expresses gratitude for making this happen.


Call for volunteers:

  • Earth Day - Jericho Beach - Sat April 26 11-5 story