Monthly Meeting - 2008-02-11

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Minutes for Free Geek February General Meeting

Tues. February 11, 2008
At Free Geek, 1820 Pandora Street, Vancouver BC

Sean – Facilitator
David - Regulator
Seth – Deputy Regulator
Bernard – Scribe
Ifny - Consensus Intro
Sean, David, Ifny - Minutes checkers

In attendance in no particular order – Sean, Marc, David, Ryan, Ifny,
Judith, Simon, Scott, Jitin, Manny, Seth, Simeon arrived later


Item – Report on Ubuntu workshop by Sean

10 to 15 attendant, was well received. Sean would like to hold 2 or 3 more
and then set up a course outline

Item – Sublease by Ifny

Everything worked out, Pedal paid their rent & sublease was signed (we 
pretty much got everything we wanted). It has been posted if anyone would 
like to see it at: 

PEDAL's February rent was a number of days late, but we now have postdated 
cheques from them.


Item – MOKO Branding by Manny and Seth

Their website:

They are asking to borrow hardware of different types do that they can
practice their etching techniques so that quality improves. We asked a 
number of questions to clarity about process, materials, environmental 
impactand energy consumption. This is a local company. After these were
satisfied, the consensus was affirmative to help them out. We will make
some equipment available the next day.

Item – Merchant Account by Bernard

At present FG can only accept cash or corporate checks. Bernard explained
his proposal and after some discussion the consensus was to only go with
the rental and Debit service (due to merchant-assumed risk associated with
credit card transactions); a go-ahead is pending David and Sean's review of 
the budget.

This system will work over IP connection. Bernard will get back to us with
more info about using EFT to receive donations/monthly retainers.

Item – FreeTheNet by Scott

FreeTheNet website:

Mailing list archives:

FTN is filing under the Co-operative Act to be a member Co-op (like
Mountain Equipment Coop). Was looking for an endorsement letter. The
consensus was that Scott will draft a letter and it will be reviewed over
the general mailing list. We would like mention of common objectives, both
in the realm of free and open source software, and digital divide/public
access issues.

Item – Media update by Ifny

The Space Channel is coming Wed. Feb 20th @ 11am. They are interested in
everything, particularly the rebuilding aspects of what we do. We can
showcase Ubuntu Linux as well.

CBC TV on Fri. Feb. 22nd @ 10:30am
There will be a mockup of that will follow the 'lives' of computers from
drop-off to adoption (or recycling). Show is called "Living Vancouver"
Example of the show: <>

**We need extra volunteers on Friday, and next week too to get things set 
up. Tell Ifny if you can come. ifny [at] freegeekvancouver [dot] org

Item – Trade show by Ifny


The Massive Tech Trade show is happening on April 1 2008 at the Convention
center again. We have a booth right by the front entrance. Ifny is asking
for lots of help to set up and be at the booth, as well as revamping
publicity/display materials during March. Contact her to help.

Item – ESABC by David and Ifny

FG has been working with Computers for Schools (CFS) and Environmental
Stewardship Association of BC (ESABC) to design a reuse component to the
ESABC recycling program. The operation of FG could change dramatically. The 
consensus was to defer the decision at a later date as a number of members 
felt that they did not have enough information. There will be a recycling 
meeting asap to handle the re-use standard development, and operations 
meeting later to evaluate detailed proposals by ESABC.

Item – Bylaw report by Sean

Draft bylaws are here: 

Sean and Ifny have rewritten the bylaws. They are available on the wiki for
reviewing. Everyone is invited to read online & make their comments in the
discussion page of the wiki.

We may try to adopt them at the next AGM. We will get them reviewed by a 
lawyer before adopting them.

Ifny will look into setting up the AGM next door to the FG building, or

Item – Governance Issue by David

David said operations should be run as a hierarchy and the overall
governance to be by consensus. There was controversy and lot of discussion
took place too long to enter into the minutes. Further discussion needs to
take place.

David at the end made this proposal -

1 – That a job description for a coordinator be presented in writing at the 
upcoming AGM.
2 – That Free Geek hire someone to fill the above position and David will 
spend one month to train them.
3 – That FG to take out a liability to pay him $20,000 for his past work.

A contingency meeting will be held one week from today at the same time and
location. The Board of Directors will meet prior.