Monthly Meeting - 2007-04-07

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Public meeting minutes for 2007-04-07 at 6:30pm
Location: 1820 Pandora Street
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  • Facilitator - Scott
  • Regulator - Ifny
  • Scribe - Sean H


  • David Repa
  • Mark
  • Rusty
  • James
  • Kevin Stiller
  • Ryan Yeske
  • Sim
  • Paul Teehan
  • Scott
  • Joe B
  • Francisco
  • Bernie
  • Ifny
  • Sean H
  • Joe Thomson
  • Gerald
  • Josh
  • Fraser Hanson

Definition of consensus

  • Free Geek principles
    • FOSS definition
    • Provide low cost tech
    • democratic
    • non-profit


Old Business

  • Sista'Hood
  • VanLug
  • Windowless Wednesday
  • Movie Night
  • Charitable status

New Business

  • Definition of Membership
  • Location
  • Massive Tech Show
  • $tate of money
  • Events - new dates
  • Mailing lists
  • BAN Movies
  • Recyclers
  • City
  • Martin's visit


  • Vancouver Linux User's Group
  • presentation at BCIT
  • went well - excitement generated
  • suggested recycler on VanLUG site
  • possible summer hardware drive

Windowsless Wednesday

  • OpenOffice presentation by Sean Hill
    • received well


  • Community Wellness Fair
  • well received
  • made a contact at CBC radio
    • open computer boxes for people to play with
    • provided info on women in computer history

Movie Night

  • Computer Chronicles from 1984
    • Tracked down host - Stuart Checton
    • Steal This Movie
    • Needs to be publicized better

Charitable status

  • Delayed until bylaws are setup
    • new bylaws up on wiki - please participate
    • Must clearly define how we are charitable
      • Hardware grants?
      • Recycling?
      • Education?
      • It depends how we word it

Massive Tech Show

  • Received booth for greatly subsidised price
  • Found out 6 days before show
  • Had to dress professional
  • Special brochure created for Massive
  • Working at Massive - Gerald, David, Ifny, Rusty, Joe, Sim
  • Received help from many people to create booth
  • Only recylcler present at show
  • Invited to Edmonton show
  • Standing invitation
  • BAN allowed FG to use media materials


  • Basil Action Network - Reference to international convention around e-waste
  • BAN audits recycling processes
    • Not an environmental auditor
    • no current Canadian recyclers that are BAN approved
    • e-waste being shipped around the world and poisoning people and the environment
    • movies - BAN documentaries show the current state of e-waste


  • Chicago
  • Flexible and helpful
    • But will not release downstream recyclers
    • With more FG pressure they may release list to FG
    • Lawyers looked at BAN pledge but will not sign it over some technicalities
  • Seattle
    • Total Reclaim
      • Follows BAN
      • Charge for equipment
  • TechCominco
    • Local
      • RC recycler - Delta
        • First NA recycler willing to share vendors
        • Seem to be working within BAN standards
        • Discussion over whether we can operate without a complete vendor list
          • For some, BAN certification may be acceptable
          • We are not fully transparent if we can't show the full stream
          • BAN is meant to stand in the middle and provide an assurance of recycling process
          • BAN is not a government organisation and their certification is not binding
          • May be difficult to get what we want right off the bat


  • City of Vancouver
    • Been in contact with mayor's office since new year
    • Last week we received an email passing us on to City real estate manager - Michael Flannigan
    • Spoke with him and it sounded positive for low price rent
    • Another contact said "little hope" - market value
  • Conflicting comments
    • Some concern over whether there may be political conflict
    • City staff tends to be separate from the politics
    • Michael Flannigan is fairly new to position
    • Gerald has been in contact with city regarding public benefits development
    • Developer agrees to set aside some space for a non-profit for other concessions
  • Getting to present to council might spur action
  • Might be able to piggyback on city workgroup regarding municipal wireless
  • City doesn't want liability of sponsoring e-waste recyclers
    • Passed on to Encorp
  • Politically sensitive topic
  • Other recyclers may not be happy if we are able to get a rent deal
  • Great Northern Way Campus - SFU, UBC, Emily Carr, BCIT
    • May have some derelict buildings available for use
    • Joe T feels we may be able to enter a partnership
      • Has done up a proposal
      • Would be local and likely accessible
      • Not currently highly transit accessible - will likely grow with student population
  • To be discussed on locations mailing list
  • Also checking commercial real estate listings
    • craigslist
  • Would like to have a location no later than June 1 when city e-waste communication comes out

State of Money

  • Balance is -$217
  • Revenue is continually growing
  • Waiting for cheque from Canadian Studies grant
  • No word yet from Freedonia - their site says April 16th as last decision date
  • Grant apps in to APC, MEC, Shaw
  • Department of electrical engineering at UBC may be a contact for outreach and funding

Mailing Lists/Workgroups

  • New hardware grants mailing list
    • Contact person to be setup for hardware grants
    • Clarify criteria for hardware grants
      • Currently using PDX's criteria
      • Non-profit or organisation of social change
      • Mailing list admin is now Joe B
        • Please sign-up to lists for info and to participate


  • We need volunteers to do hardware pickups


  • PDX program developer coming up from 13-17 April
  • Will setup FG software and teach how it works
  • May do a ruby class

Definition of Membership

  • Current definition to be posted to general


  • David R - Send out link for bylaw wiki
  • Joe T - To contact Great Northern Way and provide proposal
    • Help from Scott
    • Discussion to move to location workgroup
  • Contact Dept of Electrical Engineering
    • Booth at open house?
  • Ifny - setup hardware grants mailing list
  • Scott - migrate General mailing list once new server is active
  • David - post current membership definition to general list