Laptop Triage

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Laptop triage howto

If an adapter comes with the laptop keep it with the laptop if it fails, otherwise seperate the adapter, bundle up the cables and set it to the side.

  • Does it have USB? Fail if there is no USB.
  • Open the screen, check for A CPU sticker
    • Is it Pentium III or less? Fail it.
    • Is it a Celeron? Check with instructor.
    • Is it an AthlonXP? Pass it.
    • Is it an Athlon? Fail it.
    • Is it a Centrino? Pass it.
    • Is it something else? Check with instructor
  • If it is missing significant pieces Check with the instructor

Failed laptops are placed in a bin under the desk on the right hand side. These laptops will be wholesaled and don't need any more attention.

Passed laptops are placed on the desk, preferably in the cardboard box if there is space.